Monday, September 16, 2013


The Rasmussen Reunion was awesome.  Wyatt and Lindsay Ann were in charge (because we passed the buck since we were in Switzerland).  They did a Harry Potter theme and everything was AMAZING!  

Sorting Hat to see which house everyone was in:

The Reunion Center we went to in Idaho was really awesome.  One night Andrea and Tim and Brett and I played with the plasma cars and had races and plasma car hockey.  It was a good time.

The kids made wands and had potions class and played quidditch and we drank butterbeer and had a Harry Potter jeopardy (Hazel did really well as she had just read all of them in preparation for the reunion).  We also had races, had a karaoke contest, played ping pong and pool and ate a lot of great food.

One of my nieces is a huge fan of the band One Direction, so my sister got all the girls around that age a One Direction nightgown.

I LOOOOVE this picture of Orrin!  It makes me smile. :)


The other memorable part of this reunion was that everyone got sick and puked their guts out.  Well, not absolutely everyone, but enough of everyone that it seemed like everyone.  Most of the kids and some of the adults (in the end, everyone in my own little family--Brett was sick and threw up in the plane on the way home to Switzerland).  There was a lot of mopping up of floors and washing of sheets.  When we were getting ready for the karaoke contest, three kids threw up in succession, one would start as soon as the other one stopped.  It was like a waterfall show, except with puke.

I was super bummed about this because I was going to meet up with my wonderful friends from Indiana, Andrea and Tyler, but I didn't want to infect them, so we had to abort the mission.  It was so sad.

All the 2-year-olds.

All the 8/9-year-olds.

Then we came back to Mom's house and on the 4th of July we went to a parade and had a barbeque and homemade rootbeer (those of us with stomachs strong enough to handle it).

And some of us (not me because I stayed home with some sickies) went to a Stadium of Fire type concert that night.  My sister Lindsay took this picture of Hazel.

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