Friday, September 6, 2013

Wyatt and Apache


This is my brother Wyatt and his pet, Apache.

This is my dad, a few years ago.

Wyatt said, "Ha ha, let's take a picture with Mrs. Potts."  (I can't actually remember if this cat is Mrs. Potts, but let's all pretend that it is.)  Ha ha ha, weirdo.

Now Dad, come get Mrs. Potts because I don't want Apache to maybe spook when she jumps down.

Thanks Dad.

Take a picture of us here,

Now for their big trick--

If you haven't noticed, Wyatt is hilarious.  And he thinks he is too- I can't take out any of these pictures because I always crack up looking at them because he was cracking up taking them.

He was going to put his hat on Apache,

But he couldn't.

Now die, horse! 

(The other day at the dinner table we had a discussion about whether it would be better to teach your horse to lay down on command so that you could get behind it in a gun fight, and then it would only MAYBE die from a bullet, or better to hurry and kill it yourself like in the movie Lonesome Dove.)

Here I'd like to insert a picture of my dad and his horse Thunder, a few years ago.

Then I went out to try to get a really good picture of Honey's baby, Echo?, so Dad could send it to the owner of the sire... I think.  Anyway, my mission was to get a fantastic picture.  But she kept running behind her mom.

Then I came back up to watch the rodeo.  I mean, watch Wyatt riding Jubal, our stallion who has only been ridden a couple times.  Once?  Anyway, he is not broke.

The saddest photography moment in my life was that I did NOT get a picture of Jubal bucking.  :(  Or of Wyatt choosing to get off.  All I got was the dust afterwards.  Still, my dad does look awesome.

Jubal is sooooooooo gorgeous.

Wyatt got back on, because that's what cowboys do.

Wyatt, next time I'm there, we're going to re-enact this picture of Dad, or actually, DAD- next time I'm there, you should re-enact this picture.  Hat up, tongue out and everything.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Good times. Good memories.
Yes, that was Mrs. Potts.
Look how little Echo was when you first got there!
Wow. Time just rushes by doesn't it.
Love you. Oh, you will have to email those pics of Dad with the horses so I can have them in my folder with the blk/white and the color.

kami said...

I love these pictures. And yes, Wyatt is ridiculously hysterical. Love it!

Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

OH i love all of these! Thanks for taking them!!

Andrea said...

That post was awesomely amazing. Wyatt, you kill me man. Thunder was MY horse--I have proof. And that pic of Dad and Jubal was amazing. You are a photographing genius.

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