Wednesday, September 11, 2013


(Too bad Orrin wouldn't look at the camera.)

Lindsay and Will were there.  So cute. :)  Which just reminded me--I had forgotten--but my sister Andrea didn't come to the rodeo, so she totally offered to watch Wyatt for me so I could really relax and enjoy the rodeo.  Is that not THE NICEST THING a sister could do?? I was sooo grateful and touched.  (Remember, Wyatt is no easy kid to watch--in fact quite the opposite.  This was a big deal.)  She even nursed him for me.  We did a little bit of nursing of each other's babies on my trip.  It worked out and made the boys blood brothers.  Or milk brothers.  Or something.  

This is Ethne after she rode a sheep!!!  She did suuuuch a great job!  But then she fell off and got stepped on.  AWESOME!  I love how in the picture, although it's blurry, you can see that she's bawling and the nice guy carrying her is smiling.  ha ha. :)

My sister Kami got her ride on video, and it's fantastic, so someday when she has a chance to upload it, I will put it on here.  Here 'tis!

It's not easy riding sheep-- I mean look at those stampeding beasts!  Scary.

I think bronc riding is my favorite.

Me and Megsie. :)

The best way to watch a rodeo is with my dad.  He has lots of info--like what's actually good form and so on, and stories of his own rodeo days to add.  It makes it way more awesome even than usual.  Isn't it so cute how Hazel is all cozied up with him??  Awwww.

Here's Talmage after he "rode" a sheep.  He was a bit too scared, so they basically held him on for a bit.  He said he wants to do it again when he's a bit older, because he'll be brave enough then.  :)

My dad and Danica and I. :)

Kami looks so cute here.

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Missy said...

Love all of the action shots! Which reminds me... I *might* get a camera for my birthday. (Really, I've been whining for one for several years now and Ben is "surprising" me under serious threat) what kind do you have? And lenses? Any advice would be great, it's my first foray outside of a point and click and I need all of the help I can get!

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