Sunday, September 29, 2013

Horse Ride and other things.

Brett went on a morning trail ride with my dad a few times, but since we had a often-fussy baby, I only made it one time (thanks Lindsay Ann for babysitting!).  It was just lovely.

Here's Uncle Wyatt with Garrett and Ana on the tramp with the sprinkler one night.

So while we were at my mom's house, Brett's mom came down from Vernal to visit her mom and brought along Harleigh and Riata and Paislee.  It was one last chance for the girls to play, so I had them come over and stay the night at our place.  (Much more fun than Great Grandma's, I must say.)

It was kind of double fun because some of Megan's kids were staying the night as well while Megan and Myles and Danica (and Jethro and Dad and Wyatt) were camping out at White Pine Lake.  So there were lots of girls and I think they had a great time.  They put on a play for us. 

We made snowcones with Grandpa's snowcone machine.

Then they all cozied down in the garage.

Talmage loves Anders!

Orrin loves Devaney!!

The next morning they had fun on the swings.  Hazel cleverly clipped the baby swings onto her chain and that way they could swing together.

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