Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Date Night

So the best date night ever-- it included Megan and Jared, Wyatt and Lindsay Ann, a four-wheeler, a ranger, a sunset, a gun, good music blasting in the truck, good conversation about how chimpanzees will attack and rip off your face, fingers, and genitals.  It was suuuuuch a good time--I can't even explain just how carefree and happy it was just driving in the van with the music blaring and laughing and everything.

I can't remember the name of the canyon we drove up, but it had a nice view of the Salt Lake.

Wyatt and Lindsay Ann are so photogenic.  :)

Lindsay Ann loved her dear deer.

 Here's Wyatt sitting on a rock in a pensive mood.

And off.


Get up quick, maybe no one saw-

Lindsay saw.  :)

I remarked that Jared was giving a look that was slightly on the psychotic-killer end of the spectrum, so he gave me an even better one.

Brett taking a couple shots with the big gun.  I don't know if you can see it (click for a bigger picture), but Brett put one of the deer targets up in the tree.  Funny.

Around this time we got a phone call from my niece Danica, who was babysitting my kids-including Wyatt, and who was in tears because he had been screaming for over an hour.  Poor girl.  (By the way, when we got home she and Myles had finally gotten him to sleep.)

More jumping.

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Ginger said...

My favorite part was the Wyoming sweatshirt:)

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