Sunday, September 29, 2013

Splashpad and Friends

This was actually the first time my kids and I had ever been to a splashpad.  It was hot, but fun because I got to hang out with Megan and Andrea and Lindsay.

So we finally met some friends that I had been online friends with for quite a long time.  Also, Brett went to high school with Emily and her brother.  Anyway, we met at a park.  We brought along some light sabers so the little boys could easily become friends.  But guess who played with the light sabers?

Here are all the kids- Jethro, Rachel, Lucy, Kaleigh, Ethne, Adam, Orrin, Talmage, Hazel

Oh- and I actually almost forgot- my sister Lindsay was there too! See Ruthie? (Nice face Ruthie.)

And Emily and I.  Someday we should be closer friends geographically.

After we took these pictures we went to the baseball game where we got in free because it was the sixth inning? I think? anyway, we watched the end of the game and the kids got their baseballs signed by the players (thanks for the baseballs Emily!) and watched the fireworks.  

Then we went back to Lindsay's house and decided to crash there instead of go back all the way to Megan's house.  Since Lindsay has 5 million 400 thousand and 3 toothbrushes in her house, she gave us some to use.  :)  (Oh, she also cleaned my teeth while I was in Utah for free- what a nicey nice sister!  Although it hurt quite a lot.  She's vicious.)

The next morning we got up and went to the Pioneer Day parade in Ogden where we hung out with our friends again.  After that we watched a Habanero pepper eating contest and Jethro participated in a burrito-eating contest hosted by Sonora Grill.  Jethro didn't win, but he was distinguished as the kid who traveled the farthest to come to the contest.  :)  

Then Megan and Jared and their family ate lunch with us at Sonora Grill and it was fantastic.

Another day I drove, by myself, all the way down past Salt Lake (and I didn't even have a very massive heart attack, just a minor one) to go to our good friends' house who lived in Switzerland with us the last two years, but who moved back to Utah since we had come.  I sure miss them!!  Dru is awesome because she always said, "When can I babysit for you?" and because she's hilarious.  And Josh was the best kid in primary.  Well, he and Hazel.

Just for comparison, here is Jethro and Hazel and Josh (and I and our friend Sarah) when they first moved to Switzerland in July 2011 (stolen from Dru's blog):

And here is another family we got to see, although unfortunately for far too short a time.  The picture is fuzzy, and I just grabbed the kids that were nearby, but can I just say that I love Ben and Allison?!  I do.  I'm glad they were in Utah while I was.

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emily ballard said...

Look at you. . . you are such a better blogger than me. I am hoping to catch up by the new year! So glad that we finally got to meet in person. You forgot to include that I have a man voice :)

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