Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More miscellany.

Orrin's tooth got banged all the time and was constantly sore, not to mention the snaggletooth look is pretty homely, so later on, a dentist friend of my sister's yanked it out.  Megan came with all her anasthesia equipment to put him to sleep, but ended up not doing it because it was super quick to just yank it.  He looks much cuter now, but it's fun to see him in this picture with his big crazy tooth hanging out.

For their birthdays, Jethro and Hazel went to Lagoon.  My mom made them a nice cake another day.  :)

Oh, my baby boy is sooooo cute!

Oh, his EYES!!  His LIPS!!!!  I just want to eat him.

This is when the kids put their pants on their heads and shirts on their legs and jumped on the tramp.

This is my cute little niece Harriet.  Isn't she sweet?

Grandma beating up the children.

I just loooove these little W-men together!  Mr. Blue Eyes and Mr. Brown Eyes.

Grandma LOOOOOOVES her Wyatt boy!!

Aww shucks, Grandma.

My mom kept saying how much Wyatt reminded her of my brother Derek as a baby, so finally we had to go look at his pictures.  These are the ones we thought looked like Wyatt.  (He's on the right on the bottom picture.)  It's all in the eyes.  

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Andrea said...

That Harriet sure is a cutie!!!!

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