Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our home.

So, since we’ve decided to stay in Switzerland for a while longer, the idea came up to perhaps move into a bigger apartment because with seven people in our 3-bedroom smallish apartment, it can be a bit squeezy.  BUT, there are so many things we love about where we are.  Shall I list?
Good things:

  1. Kids can walk to school.
  2. Kids (especially Hazel) have good friends here.
  3. Our neighbors are really nice and have never complained about our kids.
  4. We live in a BEAUTIFUL spot!!
  5. We have milk right around the corner (farm fresh even), so  essentially we never run out of milk.  That’s awesome, in case you were wondering.
  6. We’re at the end of a long dead-end, so traffic is a non-issue.
  7. We have a farm around the corner, and the woods around the other corner.
  8. Close to Bern and church.
  9. Big windows.
  10. My downstairs neighbor is a chef and often gives us food.  Honestly, it’s AWESOME.
And bad things:
  1. Nasty orange and green tile.
  2. A little tight, and all one level (my dream is to someday have a downstairs so that I can send the kids down and they’re not always right under my feet).
That’s about it.  Oh, and I should have put on my good list that it is pretty affordable.  If you get even a little bit bigger in size, the price can just skyrocket.  Crazy Swiss prices.  So, we keep an eye on available apartments, but it would have to be a pretty ideal situation for us to actually move.  And in truth, it doesn’t feel the small in the summer, mainly in the winter. Besides, even 'bigger' isn't much bigger.  Basically, we're an American-sized family trying to fit into Swiss-sized residences.
Shall I show you again how pretty it is where we live?
IMGP3841IMGP3790  IMGP3792 IMGP3799 IMGP3800 IMGP3802  IMGP3808 IMGP3822  IMGP3824   IMGP3847
 IMGP3842 IMGP3844 IMGP3854 IMGP3858
It’s also very pretty in the spring rain, in the autumn, in the snow, and more snow, and even fog.   Who could leave this?


Andrea said...

Some days I don't like you very much. Just saying. :)

Tracy said...

I think you should stay where you are! Maybe you should just rent another apartment in the same building ;-)

Believe me, I know what its like living in tight spaces! But I'm really glad we have made it work in our 526sqft of apartment, even with 5 of us.

I am so looking forward to a couple hundred more feet (at least)! when we make our next move in August. But we've been in a great location for the kiddos living here.

P.S. I love love love Hazel's photos!! I showed it to Adelynne and we talked about how neat it would be to do that when she is turning 8 next year. You do have a beautiful daughter!!

Amanda said...

Porter has that same shirt! I'm sure you were dying to know that:)

Brooke said...

I'll try not to eat to much before I come visit you so I don't take up to much room in your house. But I will probably fill it after eating all the swiss chocalate.

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