Thursday, May 31, 2012


1.  So I went to the doctor a little while ago – different one this time, a specialist.  He said he could yank my tonsils out if I wanted, I said no thanks, and he said okay.  He was nice.  We have a plan for the next time I get strep (IF I do).  Anyway, the point of this story is that I had only Talmage and Orrin with me, and he asked if I had any more, and I told him that I have 5 kids, and he was surprised.  Then, when asking me if I had gotten strep a lot as a kid (I didn’t), he asked if I had lots of siblings, like maybe 7?  And I said, 8 in fact, and he said, “Are you Mormonic?”  Ha ha ha haaa!!  Why yes, yes I am.  I guess.  :)

2.  Talmage and I were swinging in the backyard and looking at the moon and he said, "If we rode an airplane to the moon would we see Jesus? Or Santa?"

3. One night I heard Talmage crying a little bit, so I went into his room and found him on the floor. I said, "Did you fall out of bed?" and he said, "Yes. But I didn't hurt any of myself."

4.  So, last week I was in such a bad mood, and I was feeling all angry at Brett and lonely and isolated and my life is so pitiful boo hoo hoo poor me, and then I called my sister and she cheered me up and then we played all weekend (the kids had Monday off for Pfingsten (pentecost)) and I feel better and wonder what I was thinking.  Isn’t that how it goes.  So, a while ago I read this article on keeping marriages strong/happy/existing, and I found it rather interesting because usually when I read anything like that, it’s written by a church leader or member, but this wasn’t.  There were several points that rang true to me, but the main thing I liked (rather guiltily) was this:

12.Make a husband pact with your friends.
The husband pact says this: I promise to listen to you complain about your husband even in the most dire terms, without it affecting my good opinion of him. I will agree with your harshest criticism, accept your gloomiest predictions. I will nod and furrow my brow and sigh when you describe him as a hideous ogre. Then when your fight is over and love shines again like a beautiful sunbeam in your life, I promise to forget everything you said and regard him as the most charming of princes once more. The husband pact is very useful because you want to be able to vent to your friend without having her actually start hating your husband. Because you don't really mean all those things you say. And she, the swearer of the pact, knows this.

Always I hear “NEVER NEVER criticize your husband to anyone” and I know that that is the right and the best thing to do.  But, reading about the husband pact felt like I found the law of Moses as compared to the higher law of never saying anything at all negative about him to anyone ever under no circumstances; and I felt like – YES- I can actually KEEP this law!  Now don’t think that I go about blabbing to people all the annoyances I have with Brett or his imperfections or whatnot, but sometimes doesn’t it just feel good when you’re really frustrated to get on the phone with your sister and fume a bit, and then you’re done venting, and you can go on with life?  Which is kindof how it was last week—my sister was understanding, gave me sympathy, and reminded me of my own life theory of the bell curve, and how it will swing back to the positive.  And I felt better!  And I don’t think it damaged her opinion of Brett, because I think she –without ever having to read about it!- just kept the pact.

5.  There were other good points on that list, so here’s the link if you would like to go peruse.

I like number 4, 5, 8, 9, and 14.

6.  So, I totally forgot to ever mention this, but Jethro went to a ski camp in Celerina for a week when Brett and I were in Morocco.  Later he wrote a letter to a friend of his, and I read it before putting it in an envelope, and saw this:
I am pleased to tell you that neither me nor anybody else experienced a mortal injury from a ski accident.
Right now in addition to Star Wars fever, I’m also addicted to fighter planes, like the F-15.
p.s. Sorry if I have lots of mistakes or ununderstandable writing.

7.  So, we have two different computer screens now, after the new computer was brought to life, and the color is really off between them.  IT’S KILLING ME!  No really, because I have to edit on the left screen, because that’s where I can pull up windows, but I think the left screen is the one that is off.  More off?  I don’t know.  So I edited all of Hazel’s baptism pictures on the right, then had to do all this mumbo jumbo and now when I see them on the left, it looks bad.  Grrrrrrrrrr.  Brett has tried messing around with the screen to get them correct, but hasn’t been able to match the left to the right.  What can I do?

That’s all.


Amanda said...

I was editing Maya's baptism pictures and one of the little boys switched off my power strip turning off my computer. When I restarted the computer my pictures are all gone! Not just the baptism ones but my entire photo library!!! I have Casey trying to fix it but it's not looking good:( Also I admire the effort you put into your relationship. I've noticed all your pins and have read several of them. You are a good wife and a great mother! Sorry that sounds so cheesy...

Alissa said...

My sister and I absolutely have a husband pact. You have to. Keeping all your frustrations inside is like shaking a bottle of soda. The slightest thing is gonna make it explode. Not pretty.

Also... we bought monitor calibration equipment. Spider something.

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