Monday, May 14, 2012

Orrin at the water trough.

Orrin was having such a great time playing in the water.


I thought his reflection was really cool here.

IMGP3579 IMGP3580

I love his expressions and how he looks so grown up.

IMGP3582 IMGP3587 IMGP3589

It’s the same water trough/thingee that Ethne and Talmage were playing in when I took these gorgeous pictures.



Those lips!!  They just make me want to kiss him right now!!

IMGP3605 IMGP3607 IMGP3611 IMGP3613 IMGP3614 IMGP3616 IMGP3617 IMGP3619

Then we watched the cows parade to the barn for milking. 


And I took a picture of our neighbor’s pretty flowers.

IMGP3636 IMGP3641


Then Orrin did his favorite thing, which is kicking a ball.  Look!!!  He’s walking!!  All by himself!!  He COULD walk by himself for several weeks now, but he just wouldn’t.  He always had to hold our hands or else he would just ape-crawl.  But he’s finally doing it!

IMGP3646 IMGP3647

IMGP3657 IMGP3659

Anyone who’s thinking of having a baby, I HIGHLY recommend having a 7 or 8 year old girl to help take care of him.  Hazel is amazing.  Oh, and this morning she went to school practically crying because we had a few minutes (how abnormal) to read a chapter before they left and we started the Laura Ingalls Wilder book ‘By the Shores of Silver Lake’ which is the one where you find out –in the first chapter- that Mary got sick and became blind.  I remember being terribly sad when I read that when I was a kid too.

Also, I talked to my brother-in-law Blake and he told me about how he just shot a big mountain lion (and I told him we’ll have to call him Cougar Blake, like my great-grandpa Cougar Jack), and I told Hazel about it and she said, “He’s like Pa!”  :)  We really loooove the Little House on the Prairie books around here.

IMGP3662 IMGP3663 IMGP3665 IMGP3666



And I’ll just tack on these pictures from our afternoon in Bern at the end of this random post.IMGP3691


IMGP3705 IMGP3722 IMGP3723


And finally, a sunset.  It had been raining all day so I love how the colors are reflected on the wet road.


The end.

p.s. My sister Kami told me I’m not funny anymore.  Isn’t it sad?  You can stop reading my blog now I guess.  sniff sniff. (I’m kidding!)


Brooke said...

Katelyn came home the other day from school and told me that in their library class that day she was reading one of her favorite books (The Books of Bayern) and she got to a really sad part and started to cry and two of her friends looked at her and said, "Are you REALLY crying??" She said it was pretty funny and told them that even though she knew what was going to happen (she just read those books 4 months ago) it was really really sad!!! I love that she gets so into the books!!!

The Haws Family said...

I just wrote a comment, and it deleted it. Mostly, I was sad you comment on Kami's blog and not mine. But your pictures are pretty.

Lynn said...

Love it! Cougar Jack and his famous story lives on!

Alissa said...

That Orrin sure is a cutie. I always wanted red-heads. :( Not with the Asian man.

My oldest daughter loves The Little House books. I think I'll have to add them to our family reading.

Kelly said...


You don't know me. I know your sister Andrea a VERY little (met her once or twice in college) - I am part of the "An Education" blog and am a close friend of Andrea's old roommate Julia. How's that for a '6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon' kind of thing? Anyway, I tracked you down via Andrea's blog because I remembered her saying on the blog once that you were in Switzerland husband and I are going to Switzerland for a week this summer. I wondered if I could pick your brain about a few things that I'm trying to figure out. We are traveling with my parents, as well as my sister and her husband. Those four are going to Paris first, and then taking a train to Switzerland. My husband and I are flying into Zurich and then getting transportation to Interlaken. We are going for business/pleasure. Anyway, the transportation thing is confusing - it seems like there are so many rail pass options and we are not sure how they all work and what is the best thing to do.

If you don't mind contacting me and communicating via email, I can be reached at kelosh2 at gmail dot com.

Sorry for bursting into your life like this. After a lot of internet research things don't feel any clearer.

Thanks a bunch!
Kelly Richardson

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