Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stuffy stuff stuff.

1. Okay, so Brett bought all these parts and put together a new computer for us, but I’m so so so frustrated because he used Ubuntu or Linux or whatever—I don’t know, I just know it’s not windows which is what I know how to use, so I feel like a complete moron now trying to do anything, not to MENTION he had to put a special “pretend windows” in so that I could download windows live writer because I can’t live without it, which sounds like he’s actually trying to help me out, but really why did he have to do it differently anyway so that I feel so helpless and useless and FRUSTRATED?????  And he’s all, “Stop complaining about everything” but really, how about I change everything on him so that he can’t use things without consulting him about the decision and see how much he doesn’t complain.  Arrrgh.  Besides, he has a work computer and he almost never uses the home computer.  I hate the least little changes in computer stuff let alone major, sweeping, everything is entirely different changes.  Okay.  Done ranting.
2.  Okay, this is my favorite thing anyone ever said about the surprise of Orrin.  My cousin’s wife is named Rachel, and my sister-in-law is named Lindsay Ann.  So, Lindsay Ann somewhat recently had a baby and put up pictures of her on Facebook.  Rachel left a comment that said, “Uh, say what?!   Is this a sneak attack baby like Kayli’s or is this someone else’s baby?”  Then she said “Oh wait, I remember you told me way back when.”  But that was so awesome- Orrin is the ‘sneak attack baby.’  SWEET.
3.  Talmage is so good at saying thank  you for everything.  ‘Gank you por dinner.’  ‘Gank you por sharing with me.’  ‘Gank you por washing my underwear.’  It’s the best.
4.  Also, his latest thing is to have mayonnaise and mustard sandwiches.  Just mayonnaise and mustard, nothing else.  I still love him despite his strangeness.  (That reminds me that my dad said when he was a kid they didn’t have money to spend on ketchup, so when he went to his friends’ houses he would have ketchup sandwiches because it was so cool to have ketchup.')
5.  So, I got strep throat again – I think the third time this year?  Anyway, the doctor that I normally went to see was on vacation, so I called up the other doctor in our little village, and I walked to the apartment building where he has his little practice, which is just a normal apartment building where people live, and rang his bell and he let me in, there was no receptionist or anyone else there, just him- this little old old man with really long gray eyebrows.  He said he spoke English, but really that was a stretch, but we did understand each other.  He asked me what was the matter and I told him I had strep.  He looked in my throat and nodded, and went and fetched me some antibiotics and wrote down my insurance number on a piece of paper  and shook my hand and sent me on my way.  It was a matter of less than 5 minutes.  Quaint old doctors=awesome.
6.  Oh, and did I mention Brett bought a motorcycle last week.  Yeah, he says that he thought my giving him a toy motorcycle for his birthday was the green light to go out and get one.  Really he didn’t think that at all.  He just got the urge to buy a motorcycle so he bought one the next day.  What a turkey.  Remember how he just bought a computer?  I was a bit annoyed and said I’m taking back the motorcycle I gave him.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he really cares.
7.  Yesterday was our 11th anniversary.  We gave the kids to a wonderful wonderful family who generously and sweetly watched them, and went out for the day.  We would have done something more exciting like a cool hike or snowshoeing or something but the weather was supposed to be rainy.  It ended up only being rainy a bit in the morning and then pretty nice the rest of the day.  Instead we ran errands and got lunch and went to a thermal bath.  It was nice.
8.  I gave Ethne a haircut.  I’m not unimpressed with how it turned out.
9.  We went geocaching last Saturday (I have some pictures I’ll probably post later) but there was not much in the way of prizes in it for the kids.  There was a band-aid however, and so Talmage decided he wanted that.  He told me, “When Hazel gets hurt, I will give it to her.”  Ha ha- how smart he is to realize that Hazel WILL need the band-aid.  And probably sooner than later.
10.  Jethro and Hazel came home with their school schedules for next year (Ethne will be in kindergarten again since they do it for two years here), and they will both be taking Französisch.  AKA French.  I think they recently made the rule to start in third grade, but the school wasn't ready yet for Jethro, so now they'll both be starting this coming year.
Here are some pictures.
Hazel is so cute and perfectly Hazelish.  She looked so cute this morning that I had to snap some pictures of her before school.  (Notice the obligatory bruise on her head.)  Two french braids is my favorite hairstyle for her I think.
IMGP3280   IMGP3289   IMGP3301 IMGP3305 IMGP3312     IMGP3399
I love summer and the long days and watching my kids and the neighbor kids run around outside together.IMGP3405 IMGP3406  IMGP3420
Super cute Ethne with her cute new hair!
IMGP3421 IMGP3433
It has been so gorgeous here lately, with all the leaves growing and blossoms blossoming.
IMGP3438 IMGP3443 IMGP3446
These are from before church today.  Orrin looking at Talmage’s face: Whoa. (p.s. I wish I would have taken a picture of the back of Hazel’s hair- it was a super cute bun thing, but of course you can’t tell at all from the front.)
IMGP3456 IMGP3458 IMGP3459  
And this is from after church today.
The end.


Ginger said...

So Leah has these cute freckles (ooops, I accidently spelled that Freakles:)) along her cheeks and nose just like Hazel. I think it is so beautiful. I don't want to give her a complex, so I haven't said anything, but I love it. Hazel looks so pretty!

Andrea said...

Jethro looks so handsome and GROWN UP in the before church pics. My goodness.

Also, I am so jealous your kids go to school in Switzerland. I bet no one homeschools there because WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO??? Sigh.

Dru Davis said...
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Dru Davis said...

I always love reading your blog. I love your kids. They really are the sweetest, funnest, cutest kids ever. I love your honesty. Blogs can be so phony. But most of all, I love your comment where you used two wonderfuls to describe those people.

Steve and Katrina said...

I actually think Ethne's haircut looks absolutely darling. I love it and think you did an awesome job.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Ethne's haircut. I think she looks so cute in short hair!!! Cute kids and cute family pics. Your Dad said "That is really Kayli's family!" "Doesn't hardly seem possible!" Who wants to be tan anyway??? You just look older sooner!!! I could say something else but I will tell you in person. Family blog here hahaha!
Love you, Mom R

Andrea said...

Ok. So truth is I've only read #1 on this post and I'm really laughing...I'm amused because I've been there so many times. I'm sending this to Tyler because he's always wanting to use Linux or Ubuntu or some crazy thing and if the computer gets left that way I kind of have a really hard time. I'll read the rest of the post...I'm still laughing though.

Tyler said...

Why is it that when one asks his wife to switch away from Windows to Linux the response is, "What?!? I hate this! How do I ..." and when switching to a Mac the response is, "Oh honey, I love this! How do I ..."

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