Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 Things I am Not Good at.

1- Being tan.  Ever.

2- Games involving strategy.

3- Consistently feeding my family a lot of green veggies.  (Note the consistently- I do feed them some, just erratically.  Generally I feel like it’s feast or famine as far as a lot of vegetables go.)

4- Always being patient with my children.

5. Putting down a book and going to bed.

6- Making meal-plans ahead of time.

7- Snow skiing.  (I’ve only done it once, but it was sooooo incredibly frustrating!!!  Maybe I should have a teacher-figure actually try to teach me how?)

8- Writing with good penmanship.  (My sister Amy said my handwriting looks like a second-grader’s.)

9- Getting up early in the morning (particularly cheerfully).

10- Having a large (or even medium, or even small) chest.  (Except when I am pregnant or nursing, then it’s existent.)



Rachael said...

Amen to #2,4,5,8,9,10. These are the kinds of goals I always set for myself again and again every single day (too bad #5 and #9 are mutually exclusive, right? And then that leads right into #4). Which leads me to blame all my problems with wanting to sleep in and not having enough patience on those talented authors, darn them!

Excuse me--I need to go put away the sack of library books I just acquired 5 minutes ago and then put my kids to bed so I can stay up late reading.

Steve and Katrina said...

I like these little posts you've done. I have actually been thinking about things to put on the one you did a while ago about things that you don't like. So I may be copying you in the near future. But before that I have to post about the beach. I'm like you and LOVE beach pictures.

I loved all your vacation posts. You guys get to see so many cool things.

Alissa said...

next post i want to see 10 things you are excellent at.

with being awesome at #1.

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