Sunday, May 20, 2012

Amy’s wedding.

These pictures are a bit late.  Oh well.  So, when I went to Arizona in December, we did more than just bowl.  There was also a wedding.  And I wanted to post some pictures because I had such a great time there and pictures help me remember.  I stole these pictures from all over- my brothers and sisters and the professional photographer and everything.  Also, they are all very out of order.

First, here is my sister Amy and her husband Kam.  Aren’t they so good-looking?


And with their kids- her five and his two.  Their seven.

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These pictures are from one night at Amy’s house just hanging out and talking and eating chocolates and having SO MUCH FUN!!  You see, it’s really my family’s fault that it is sometimes hard on me to be so far away.  If they weren’t so cool, it would be easy to never see them.  Dang family.

And this picture of me is yucky horrible, but I just love my mom in it so much that I am sacrificing my vanity and putting it in anyway.  Look at me being so noble.

8-2-2011 697 

Lindsay and Sterling thought something was funny.  Probably they looked at my Dad. 

8-2-2011 699 8-2-2011 700 8-2-2011 701 8-2-2011 702

At the wedding reception. 

8-2-2011 739

Ethan, now the only unmarried in our family.


Me and my only little sister Lindsay. 



The original family.  From left to right: Mom, Wyatt, Megan, Derek, Amy, Ethan, Lindsay, Me, Kami, Andrea, Dad.


And the rest of our family of course including spouses and grandkids.  Only missing Wyatt and Lindsay Ann’s four kids (though it was three at the time), and Brett and our kids.  Sniff sniff.





Some of us at the hotel.


I took these awesome family pictures for Megan and Jared, so I definitely had to post them.

IMG_5527 IMG_5542

I think this kissing picture is so super duper duper adorable cause they’re laughing and smiling so cute.


Ethan and I were each other’s dates.


Sidenote- I don’t really love how my hair was.  It’s not terrible or anything, but the reason I mention it is because I paid someone to do it, and then it was just kindof so so, which is a letdown.  But at least I am validated when I say how hard my hair is to curl, because the lady was like, you’re hair is super thick but super fine and straight.  It took a long time.  Then I wanted her to have it in a side-messy-bun-thingee, and she tried and tried and couldn’t get it to stay, and finally I’m like- uhh, just leave it I guess.  Lamesauce.  But at least she took some thinning shears to it, so it was worth the money.


We always do a picture like this at the weddings.


My sister Kami and her husband Leo and their familia.


My brother Derek and his wife Brooke and their kids.


My brother Wyatt and his wife Lindsay Ann.


My sister Andrea and her husband Tim and their family.


One night we went to see the lights at the Mesa Temple and we had a good time.


Okay, this picture is funny to me because if you can find where I am, I am sitting next to Ethan and Wyatt, leaning over and Ethan is laughing and Wyatt is saying something ridiculous.  This is right before the wedding ceremony, and let me tell you, I could barely keep from laughing out loud throughout the whole thing.  They kept saying stuff like how they were going to order pizza so that the pizza delivery guy came right in the middle of the wedding, or how they were going to tear off their clothes and jump into the swimming pool and stuff along those lines (except funnier).  I was dying.  It was a good night.  After the wedding we all had lots of yummy soup and desserts and hung out and then they started playing dance music and we all (well, some of us, some people had to leave) went crazy on the dance floor and had an all-star time.


The end.  I wish they could get married all over again so I could come visit again.


Ginger said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved her dress. I love the colors. And your hair looked wonderful too.

Alissa said...

I didn't realize that you also came from such a large family! I'm one of nine kids. My parents are expecting grandkid number 20 this year. I think your parents have mine beat, however.

The Haws Family said...

Sure put up the picture of the two of us that YOU look the best in. Typical, typical. Come visit again. It's good times. Plus, we'll mock you all night. Just sayin'. You rock my socks.

Steve and Katrina said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the picture of the kids on the car with the sign. So cute and the colors of the wedding are amazing! I love how pretty they look in the pictures. So fun. And your sweater you're wearing in the picture with your brother is so cute. Wish I had it. Your hair looks great too but I can see how you would be frustrating having paid to have it done and not getting how you wanted.

Christal said...

Love these pictures and the big family thats Darren's family 9 kids huge and having number 29 in grandkids holy chaos but fun:) Thats what makes life fun isn't it! Love these pictures! and cute mothers day pictures!

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