Monday, May 14, 2012

Forest and Flowers

These pictures are from when we went geocaching the Saturday before last.  The trees were so pretty with the brand new sweet green leaves.


The geocache was too easy to find.  We got here and I said, “Take out a couple of those rocks and look in there.”  And behold- there ‘twas.  I thought Brett was getting a better picture of where the hiding spot was, but Ethne’s right in front of it.


IMGP3356 IMGP3358 IMGP3361 IMGP3365

IMGP3369  IMGP3378


IMGP3484 IMGP3485

  IMGP3500  IMGP3520

I bought a bunch of flowers for our deck.  I bought a variety of kinds and colors, but I fell in love with the poppies, so I took two plants back and got more.  I LOOOVE looking out the windows and seeing all the flowers!  I hope I don’t kill them all.

IMGP3525 IMGP3535 IMGP3526    IMGP3561    IMGP3568 

IMGP3570  IMGP3573


Alissa said...

I love poppies. Love.

Missy said...

Alissa took the words right out of my mouth.
Love poppies.

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