Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Spain post.

On Sunday we went to church.  We got where we were supposed to be, but had a hard time finding the church.  Luckily a couple in church clothes waited at a corner for us and when we got up to them said, “Mormons?”  and showed us where the building was tucked away.  After sacrament meeting was over, we lingered in the hall for a few minutes saying hello to a few people.  I was talking to a senior sister missionary from Gilbert Arizona when a man came up to her and started talking to her.  The man then shook my hand and introduced himself and told me his name was President Hinckley.  I asked him if he was any relation to the late President Hinckley and he said, “Yes, he is my father.”  It was pretty cool.  (Then my dad told me that he met Pres. Packer for a work meeting and also shook hands with Pres. Uchtdorf.  Awesome.)
After church and lunch we decided to take the kids to the beach to play for a bit even though it was pretty cold out.  Since it was so cold we decided not to put their swimming suits on.  You’d think after 10 years of parenthood we would be a little smarter than that.  I LOOOOVE the beach!
IMGP3050  IMGP3058 IMGP3060 IMGP3063
I love when heads are tucked close together, working together to dig or build a castle.
IMGP3070   IMGP3093
Orrin was not as impressed as the rest of the kids.  (This is his new face.  Funny kid.)  :)
Hazel lost her pants, and then her shirt.  She wanted to get more wet, and she did.
IMGP3100 IMGP3107 IMGP3108 IMGP3112 
Notice the sandy hair Talmage has.
IMGP3116  IMGP3120 
I love this picture of Ethne, it is so funny.
And I love this one.  She is so beautiful.
So after we were done, and everyone had thoroughly soaked their clothes, we showered them off and had them get into the dry swimming suits.  I put Ethne in Orrin’s since it covered her up more.  Yes, she is 5, he is 1.  Ha ha!  Good thing she’s a skinny minnie (and that they make shorts large for boys these days).  And, for some reason I thought she looked absolutely sooooo adorable in the it!  I think her hair was so pretty since it was a slightly damp and a little wind-blown (I guess that’s why everyone tries to recreate beachy waves- they’re really nice!), and anyway she was just soooo cute!
IMGP3167  IMGP3172
IMGP3170 IMGP3181
I love my Ethne!!
IMGP3175 IMGP3178
Then we drove up to this place.  I can’t remember what it’s called.  Brett found an awesome parking spot.  We walked up and around it and I took some pictures of the view of Barcelona which were very unimpressive as everything was really grey and drab.
Then we sat on the stairs to wait for the magic fountain show, where the water sprays up and there’s music and lights.
To pass the time while waiting we took pictures like this.  All the kids would pose, look at the pictures, scream and laugh hysterically, and repeat.  There were quite a lot of other people around waiting as well, and I think we were giving a pretty good show for a few of them.  Here are some of the best:
IMGP3208  IMGP3216 IMGP3218
Oh Talmage.  HAHA HA!!!
IMGP3224 IMGP3228 IMGP3235 IMGP3238
Can making crazy faces be entirely genetic?  Because I think my dad makes this *EXACT* face!!!
IMGP3244 IMGP3245 IMGP3246
I love Talmage’s face in the background of this one:
IMGP3247 IMGP3250
And after sitting there and waiting for about a half hour, someone came and informed us that the magic fountains only do their show on Fri and Sat nights, not Sundays.  Ruff.  So we came home and searched for ‘magic fountains barcelona’ on youtube and watched them.  Although it would have been cooler in real life, at least we can pretend right (and you can too!)?  And then we drove back to our apartment and went home the next day.
I’m pretty impressed with these pictures as I took them from the van.
IMGP3260 IMGP3262 
You know sometimes when you go to a vacation apartment and you feel sad that it is nicer than your own home?  Well, we didn’t feel that way about our place in Barcelona.  This was the view from our kitchen window.
Actually more like this.
But anyway it was a nice trip.  There were some small misfortunes (too windy for Chateau d’If, rainstorm in Cadaques, no magic fountain show), we did have a good time and saw some really cool things.  Viva Barcelona!


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Jethro Jumping up in the air on the beach. The funny faces are hysterical and yes, Dad does make that funny face Jethro was making. Cool pics and glad you had a good time.
By the way you labeled 'Talmage' and it was Orrin. You are getting a lot of kids!!! hahaha Love you. Mom R

Christal said...

oh my heck how fun vacation and kids!! They are getting so big so fast aren't they!! Love your cute family and all your fun adventures!!

Shelane said...

I GREW UP in Gilbert AZ. (so did christy, btw) do you remember the sis missionary's name?

Kayli said...

Unfortunately, no- I don't remember her name. She was really nice though.

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