Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother’s Day Pictures

I had Jethro take some pictures of me with some of the kids the other day.  Too bad I didn’t then take a picture with him.


Talmage didn’t want to cooperate.



I love that funny face.



Pretty much I have to kiss that kid’s face off cause he’s so cute/

IMGP3990 IMGP3987

And these pictures were from the Sunday after mother’s day.  (Tricky, I know.)

IMGP3991 IMGP3992 

Brett took a bunch, and then we were done and I really quickly looked at them, and they were all super duper white and blown-out.  Which was a shame.


So then he took some more.  But by then, Orrin was really done.  But I think Ethne looks super duper cute.




Also here where she’s laughing is adorable.


Okay, so the other day we were in Bern and we went to the awesome store that sells English paperbacks for one frank, and there was a Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, and since it was so cheap I bought it.  So I read it and it made me kindof sick.  I mean, taken a bit at a time, the stories were mostly really sweet and good, but read all at once it was just overkill.  I mean, listen to this:  “We adored her.  She was our everything.  This was a joyous woman, an eternal optimist, always smiling, always humming, her words punctuated with an easy flowing laughter that caused her to toss her long, soft brown hair over her shoulders.”  Give me  a break.  But the whole thing was like that (not with writing just like that, thankfully) but all about the sacrifice, the love, the selflessness, the sweetness, the blah blah blah of their mothers.  Basically  I came away from the book feeling more like I’m a terrible mom instead of inspired. 

Except for one thing that I loved and actually felt like I could relate to- a Family Circus comic, where the mother is at her door while holding her screaming baby, a toddler pulling at her pants and her other kids crowding near her,  talking to a lady who has come and handed her a pamphlet and she answers her, “OF COURSE I’d like to be the ideal mother.  But I’m too busy raising children.” 

Anyway, I sure love my kids- they are the best!  I’m the luckiest mom ever!

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Steve and Katrina said...

too cute. you are a lucky mom!

and I just love Ethne's hair. it's so cute and her little face is adorable!

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