Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 things I am good at.

Things I am Supremely Good at:

1- Making alarmingly, incredibly, fantastically cute, bright, charming children.

Things I am Very Good at:

2- Consuming vast amounts of icecream (sadly, that skill has not been put to use NEARLY enough in the past 2.5 years).


3- Procrastinating.

4- Test-taking.

5- Climbing trees.

6- Throwing a football.  (For a girl.)

Things I am Pretty/Somewhat Good at:

7- Taking pictures.

8- Playing the piano.

Things That for Some Strange Reason my Family Thinks I am Good at (but really I’m not):

9- Langues.  As in, I’m good at learning languages.  My mom always says this, and recently my sister Amy said it too.  I’m like, uhhh yeah, I’m so good at languages since I ONLY SPEAK ONE LANGUAGE!  What?!?!  I think it stems from being able to roll my r’s and occasionally being able to imitate a phrase with an accent after I’ve heard it on a movie or something (and even that I’m really not very good at).  Note: Rolling r’s does not a linguist make.  (Also, come to Switzerland and meet so many people who are not only bilingual or trilingual but multi-lingual, and see me NOT speaking even a minimal German, and then this case will be put to rest).

10- Getting out of work.  I’m not even going to dignify this with an annotation.  Puhhlease.


Alissa said...

Nice try. You're certainly not giving yourself enough credit. :D

Rachael said...

Um, the pictures on my living room wall would disagree with you. You are AWESOME at taking photographs!

Andrea said...

Kayli--when you are the MASTER PRO-MEISTER at something, just own it. You do get out of work. All. the. time.

You didn't add that you are good at writing poems and fantasy novels. If you are going to start listing your skills you should be a little more comprehensive.

You are also very good at buying blue and grey clothing. Putting your life in danger by climbing too high and going too far out on ledges. You are mightily good at laughing at people's jokes and you rock at the dry/witty comeback. In fact, in Austen language, you are good at conversation.

You are also good at forgiving your hormonally imbalanced sister for never having time to talk to you on the phone. That's a mighty important skill.

As for children. You do make some cute ones!

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