Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ethne and Elena, June 2007 & June 2008

ADORABLE girls!!!!
Ethne and Elena are getting to be great friends these days. They learned how to say each other's names--although 'Lena' is easier than Ethne, so sometimes Elena called Ethne that instead.

They would talk and jabber to each other before they fell asleep, and one morning they were yelling "NO!" at each other. They have come to understand how powerful of a word it is, and were practicing it with gusto. It was pretty hilarious.

Look how they've grown in a year!

Somber Elena did learn how to smile--it's a fantastic cheese that only comes out when she sees the camera. HA HA!!

What beautiful sweet girls!!! I'm so glad we have them.


Andrea said...

Yeah for family time! I am loving hanging out with my sister and wishing she could come visit me in Indiana sometime! What a cute little family your sister has.

Lynn said...

That is fantastic! What a great record of the two of them in their stages of life. How adorable are those sets of photos. I hope you can keep on doing that all through the years for them. That is WAY cool!

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