Friday, June 1, 2012

In the mountains.

It was a good weekend last week.  On Saturday Brett and I and the kids (minus Jethro who was at a birthday party) went to Gurnigel and gebratelt.  Meaning, we roasted our wursts over a fire.  Yummy.

IMGP4366 IMGP4368

Then we went on a nice hike.IMGP4375 IMGP4379

Talmage was SOOO impressed that there was snow.

IMGP4382 IMGP4384 IMGP4386 IMGP4393

Orrin is SOOOOO cute!


Then on Monday after Brett went into work in the morning (stinker- a national holiday and he sneaks in for the morning!) we went with our friends the Nicks to Beatenberg and hiked.  IMGP4419IMGP4430

By the way, I can do four pull-ups and Brett can do three while holding Orrin, a heavy baby backpack and some food on his back.  It was super awesome.


There was a ship.

IMGP4433 IMGP4453IMGP4415IMGP4462 IMGP4464 IMGP4466 IMGP4468 IMGP4471 IMGP4475 IMGP4480 IMGP4481 IMGP4482 IMGP4483 IMGP4486

We roasted more wursts over a fire which was started by this dragon.  It’s true.

IMGP4489 IMGP4491 IMGP4493 IMGP4500 IMGP4504 IMGP4510 IMGP4511 IMGP4517 IMGP4519 IMGP4526 IMGP4529

Lovely lovely weekend.


Andrea said...

Is there a need for computer programmers anywhere by you????????

Kami said...

That is a beautiful country you live in. I miss the mountains. Sniff.

Kami said...

That is a beautiful country you live in. I miss the mountains. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a couple of great hikes. Beautiful scenery. I want to visit that last place. Looks so wonderful on the lake and a smaller town. Lovely. Miss you. Mom R

nicole said...

It is soooooo high quality over there! I mean really, could it BE any more beautiful? Dude, you're living the dream. Are you aware?

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