Tuesday, May 1, 2007

sewing things

Here's my cute girl, doing what she loves---chewing on her feet. She has learned how to roll and can move quite a lot. What a sweetheart. Except that last night she wasn't going to sleep, and I started thinking she may not be feeling well, and then she threw up all over me. So I gave her a bath, after she'd already had one that night. Then, she slept well and didn't wake up till late this morning, but when I went in, she had poop spilling out of her diaper. Hazel was watching her, and when I lifted Ethne up to put her on the change table, some poop dripped on Hazel's hair. Ewwww!
Here's the tote bag Katrina helped me make. Isn't it great?! Jethro picked out some race car fabric, and the real test will be seeing if I can make it again without Katrina's help.

Here is Jethro posing...I think he's being a super hero. Wow.

And...da da da DAAAA....the skirt I made!!! I know, I know...shocking, isn't it? But it really wasn't very hard. My cousin's wife Kristi made one for her little girl, and she found a tutorial here.
When I told Brett (very proudly) he said, "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" Which shows just how little I have ever sewn. I also made the flower headband...which required a lot of work, you know, glue-gunning a fake flower to a headband. But I loved how it turned out. Have a nice day!


Ginger said...

I was just looking at these pictures with Sam when he said, "Look, there's pretty Hazel!!" Very strange because he NEVER uses the word pretty, he ALWAYS uses the word Cool.

Good job for finding another talent!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

I love the skirt and I love the headband, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Jethro and Hazel. Funny that Ethne loves her feet so much because Hailey has the same fettish(sp?). They forgot to bring her toys on their trip to Canada since it was SO last minute, and mom said she just put her socks and shoes on and took them off again the entire time. HAAHAA.

Kristi said...

cute bag, cute skirt! cute headband, man, are you crafty! yah, email me the bag info! kristill@hotmail.com. thanks.

Andrea said...

You are so creative. Love the skirt. I am hoping we don't have any more weddings, funerals, etc in the near future so my life will slow down and you can teach me how to make some of these cute things. :)

Kerry said...

Kayli, I totally want directions for the bag too, if you have them. It is really cute! and i am for sure going to save the directions for the skirt for when Avery gets a little bit bigger. I have got to start working on my sewing skills! I have a little girl who is going to need dance costumes and my mom always made mine, so I guess I better learn to do the same!

Heather said...

I want the directions too if you could share.

Maybe you could make a post out of the directions. That would be fun.

The pictures are soo cute. I love all these crafts you do.

Harper Family said...

That bag is so cool! Send me the directions too! I've been looking for a bag that can be a baby bag, but also be hip. You got it!

Anonymous said...

Kayli your kids are darling. I showed a couple of the pictures to Logan and he now asks to lsee "Jethro and Hazel on the computer"!

I'd also like the pattern for your bag. Love it!

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