Monday, May 14, 2007

Merry Mom's Day

Hi everyone, I hope your Mother's Day was smashing. Mine was very nice. So here are some recent "mother" pictures...the one with all the kids Brett took yesterday for me.
Then, of course, there are some new adorable pictures of Ethne for your viewing pleasure. I don't know what I did, but they all turned out looking really really blue, so I tried to fix the color temperature in Picasa, but some of them are still off. Oh well, she's so cute anyway. Do you ever wonder what your kids look like through other people's eyes? Because, everyone thinks that they have the cutest little kids, but in reality not every kid is really the cutest kid. Just kidding. But isn't there an Aesop's Fable about that, where a crow helps out a fox and in payment he says he won't eat her babies, and he asks her what they look like so he can avoid them, and she says, "Oh you'll know because they're the cutest babies of any," and then he eats them because they didn't seem at all cute to him. Whenever my mom watches a movie with a baby in it, she always says "They really should have used one of MY babies...mine were really cute. Not like this baby." Always makes me feel loved. :)
But anyway, I don't have much else to say tonight. I made Puffed Wheat Squares for FHE treat, and they hit the spot. I haven't made them forever. Tell me, who(m?) of you know what Puffed Wheat Squares are? I'm guessing all the Canadian readers will know, but not the Americans. Brett says we should call them Canadian Delight, sorta like Turkish Delight. Yummy and chocolately and cheap. Ethne grabbed a piece I was eating and started munging it. I just let her eat it because by now I'm just happy if she's eating anything that is real food. Little stinker. Cute little stinker.

Oh yeah, I forgot, now that my present has reached my sister, I can show you what I made for her (I took pictures of it on Ethne before I sent it). It's her first little Latin Dancer outfit! Very cute, but will be EXTRA super-duper-cute on little dark-haired half-Latino Elena. Actually, the whole reason I made the skirt was because I made the flower barrette and thought that it was so cute, it deserved a skirt to match. ---I told you sewing is addicting. Kami said she'd post a picture of Elena wearing it, so check back to her blog. Fun stuff.

And here are the moms to whom our tribute goes out to today. First, here's Brett's mom with her children (Brett's the middle sized boy on the right in his treasured camo hat). And then, hugging Brett when he came home from his mission. She is wonderful and amazing and we are so lucky to get her!And I couldn't find a picture of my mom with me (mainly because I didn't want to go into Ethne's room and risk waking her up by getting photo albums), but this one is special because this is her singing to me at my wedding reception. She sang "Turn Around" which I had asked her to sing at my wedding when I was a little girl. (Hey, I was just looking up that song on iTunes, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang it. Interesting.) I love my mom.
Okay, I'm really done now.


Todd and Amy said...

I love the pic of you and your cute kiddos! So fun. I can't even believe your craftiness these days!! I feel like everytime I come visit your blog you have a fun new project! Guess I better get busy copying all your ideas!!!

Rachael said...

so now i'm curious about puffed wheat squares! you'll have to post the recipe sometime, because I don't think I've ever heard of them.

Anonymous said...

When Steve was born, he was the cutest baby ever. We passed a mom with a homely baby one day and I said to Larry, Do you think she thinks her baby is really cute? His response: "Do you think anyone but us thinks Steve is the cutest baby around?"

Ginger said...

When I had Sam, the first thing that the doctor said was, "He's as big as a moose" The second thing she said was, "He's so cute, you guys should have 20 more"

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