Friday, April 27, 2007

Random news

So, exciting stuff from today. Well, my friend Katrina helped me make the cutest tote bag ever...THANKS Katrina!! I promise to post a picture, but I'm too lazy to do it right now.
Then I did the dishes, and then my vis teachers came over, and then I took Jethro to soccer, where Brett met us. Then we went to the park and had a potluck with some people from the ward. I played a teeny weeny bit of wiffle ball and it was fun, but it made me want to play softball sooooo bad!
The other day I asked Jethro if he had a theme song for his life, what would it be (I think I said, "If your life was a movie, what would the song be?" or something like that) and he said, "ummmm, Scripture Power!!" That's my boy. :)

In other news, I heard from one of my sisters that my brother Ethan got jumped and was in a fight the other day. He and his friend Hadyn fought with them and Hadyn got a tooth knocked out and Ethan got a black eye. So of course, I had to call Ethan and get it from the horse's mouth. I told him to tell me the story and he was like "This is the 98th time!!" wah wah, like I care! Anyway, he told me the story VERY condensed, and I asked him if it was fun and he said yeah. Of course. Haven't you always wanted to know what it feels like to really punch someone good and hard in the face? Anyway, he said he was pretty pumped on adrenalin and then was really drained afterwards. Kinda scary (but secretly kinda cool...I know, I know, I'm not supposed to admit that--but since we know it turned out okay...).
Brett was a T.A. last semester for a Senior Design class, and he was always talking about how he was doing the kids' work. Cause they had to design a thing to keep a pig's artery alive or something, so they would give their plans to Brett, and he would go make them in the shop. But he said that half the time their dimensions wouldn't even work, so he'd have to fix the
design for them before he even made it. Anyway--so he came home the other day and said that he'd been nominated and won an Outstanding T.A. award (along with 4 other people) and he got a nice little bonus check. Sweet!! Way to go honey!

And last night, right when Brett and I got in bed, Ethne woke up, so I brought her in to feed her on the bed, but she kept leaning her head way far back and looking at Brett, and smiling. So, he tried to hide under the blankets so she could concentrate on eating, but it was no use. So I finally just laid her on him, and she would smile so BIG at him, and then she would put her head down on him, and give a HUGE hug (she's really really good at giving hugs, it's so sweet), and then she'd push her head up again and smile again, and she did it over adn over. It was so sweet, like she was saying "I love you." I didn't get pictures, but here are some of them together in honor of their cuteness.


Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Those are really cute daddy/daughter pictures! And the Megan stories were awesome! I was trying to think of a good one, and I remembered a time, right after she had Myles and she lived in the apartment in Minot on the hill. Anyway, I was there with her and we went outside to get something in her car and we came back in and she had locked us out. So she was pretty calm about it, she said "Myles is just sleeping, and he should keep sleeping, so we can find a way in. It will be all right." and then the fire alarm went off, and Megan went into hysterics. I don't remember how long it took for the owner of the building and Jared to get there, (it was a practice alarm, they just had forgotten to tell them), but it seemed like a LONG time. Poor mother. Brand new baby stuck in a building when the fire alarm was going off. I think thats more scary now then when I lived through it with her.

Todd and Amy said...

That's so sweet about Ethne and her daddy! Cute pics of them too... I see a scrapbook page in the future!

Kristi said...

for some strange reason I am aching to make some bags- post a pic to inspire me! those red heads of yours- love it!

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