Thursday, May 3, 2007

Smocket and beautiful girls

My latest's called a Smocket, because it's a smock with a pocket. However, my pockets are more decorative than functional, but that's okay. And, it didn't turn out perfect. You can almost not knot the ties, so I'll probably put velcro on or a button, except that I don't know how to do buttonholes, so maybe not. Then it wouldn't be so high up on her neck. Anyway, if you try making this, I'd add extra length to the ties. Here's the link to the tutorial: smocket
and the pocket pattern I found somewhere else: here. Just in case you're interested. As you'll notice, the cool thing about this is that it's reversible. Anyway, while searching for the pocket pattern I came across another apron pattern that is SO CUTE that I want to make next. I'm pretty keen on this sewing thing at the moment. (like my word choice? hee hee)

I borrowed a dress for Ethne from a friend at church because it matches Hazel's, and I was so excited to get pictures taken of them in their matching dresses. Can I just take a moment and do some major gushing? They are SOOOO CUTE!!!!! I don't know where I got my girls...they are sooooo soooo adorable.
So, when we lived in Logan, I loved loved loved Jethro's pediatrician, Dr. O'Very. He was a really nice young guy with a few young kids of his own, and some of them had red hair, so he really liked Jethro (which is perhaps the main reason I liked him so much...seriously, redhead loyalty runs deep). Anyway, I thought he was funny because every single time I brought Jethro in for a well-child check he would say, "Oh, I just love this age, they're so much fun!" Every time. So I thought how can every single age be your favorite? (And I thought maybe he always says that to remind mothers to enjoy their babies all the time.) But anyway, I know I might have said it before and I'll keep saying it, but Ethne is at SUCH a fun age! She can sit up by herself now pretty well, although she still topples a good. She can roll and scoot just a bit, moves all over. She's like a real live doll that I just love to kiss and squeeze and hold.


Heather said...

Such cute pictures. Fun! Fun!

I know Dr. O'very, he is a very nice guy. I saw him once during my last pregnancy. He's in the same practice with my doctor. :) Fun times here in Logan you know. *wink*

Todd and Amy said...

Gush away... they *are* adorable! Fun to have pics of them in matching dresses too. I'm starting to be able to relate to every age being the best; they're just more and more fun!!

Kami said...

I Love the pictures Kayli, and I love the smocket. I need to make some of those for my kids. I'm sure we'll need them for their many art projects. :) And by the way, our internet in the process of getting fixed,Ricardo updated the McAfee Security system and now I can't log onto my email. So until I figure that out, I can't draw you a monster. Sorry. You should draw it yourself, I'm sure you would do better than you think you would.

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