Friday, May 25, 2007

13 for Thursday, a day late.

I was going to try out Kristi's 13 things for Thursday, but now it is a day late, so it will have to be something else. Anyway,

1. Brett started watching 'Hitch' last night and so we stayed up too late watching it. So funny. The best part is at the end when he's talking to the girl...babbling, and he's like "There's no me behind the door, saying 'Close your mouth.'" Ha ha.

2. Did you guys get the Friend this month? There is this really scary bear story in it, that was of course the first thing Jethro picked out for me to read to him. I was almost going to try and make it a little less scary, but then I didn't. And it turned out okay of course. Pretty miraculous. I've seen a bear on two occasions at almost the same spot in Waterton Natl Park. Exciting stuff.

3. We have a house ghost. His name is John and he's been around since Brett and I got married. Moved with us. He does all the regular mischievous things house-ghosts like to do, such as knocking things over in a room no one is in, or opening doors. The other night he knocked the mirror off the wall in Brett and my room, thus waking us up to a big crash. Quite alarming. The kids know about him and sometimes play with him. Hazel loves it because it gives her a chance to have someone lower on the totem pole than her, so she basically just yells at him a lot to "Stop it, Don!" (which is how she says John.)

4. I can practice the organ while nursing. Yep. But it's not very effective, so I don't recommend it. Although, much of the time that I am practicing I'm holding Ethne. Which is more effective than you might think, since it forces me to play hands alone with the foot pedal. And I need to practice a lot. Last Sunday I made a mess of things because first I wrote down and practiced the wrong week's songs, so we had to switch them around, and I totally messed up the last song. I told Brett as we were driving home that I was's taxing playing the organ. And he told me it wouldn't be taxing if I didn't worry about it so much, since no one cares anyway. And I know that that's true. No one really does care, but it's hard to remember that when you're sitting up there playing in front of everyone. Oh well.

5. I have a tiny bit of poison oak on my arm. I hate that stuff! I seem to get it every year. It's so gross and annoying and ITCHY!

6. Hazel says random stuff sometimes like "They stole our socks again." Who? And when did they steal our socks before? And why are you bringing this up at dinner when neither socks nor stealing had been a topic of conversation?

7. We're going to buy a tent (a cheap-o) and maybe go camping this weekend if it dries out by Sunday night.

8. Jethro was playing with Ethne yesterday, holding her on his lap and bending her around and she was laughing out loud--it was so cute! He can totally make her laugh so well. Of course, he also let her fall off the rocking chair yesterday. That's what happens to poor younger siblings. It's okay...just makes them tougher, right? At least, that's what I try to tell myself when I think about the time I let Ethan fall out a window.

9. I love Brett's beard. It is at the perfect length, where it's not too long, a little bit longer than just scruff. I always tell him not to shave.

10. I like getting pictures back. Even though I've seen them all on the computer, it's still fun to get them printed and be able to hold them. But I'm pretty picture-crazy altogether.

11. That's all I've got. Today it's rainy, so I want to do some laundry, the dishes, finish a sewing project I've started for Hazel, and maybe scrapbook a little. It's been crazy long since I have.

So there you have it. Eleven for Friday.


Anonymous said...

I like Derek's beard!! And we read the bear story too and it was scary! I thought that Derek was just making up the scary"ness" but then I read it myself and it was all there! I was a little surprised as well but it did turn out good!! (I guess I was lacking in faith if I thought they would put a bad story in the Friend!!) Anyway, all is well and we are leaving for Canada either tonight or tommorrow morning!! YEA!!


Kristi said...

I haven't even opened up the friend yet. bad me. thinking of 13 things is hard! Cory has never had a beard. I think he would look weird. you are so funny.

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