Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sweet tag

Kami wins a big prize because she tagged me to tell where I'm going to live, what house I'll live in, and what car I'll drive, and this is the FIRST time BRETT has ever contributed anything to this blog. Woohoo...what a treat for us.

First, where we'll live. The views to the North, South, East, and West of course. (That's me riding my horse on the bottom (we'll have lots of horses, of course). Then, here's what our cozy cabin will look like.

Then, Brett's car, and Jethro's car. (Jethro's is the race-car looking one, as you would know if you knew Jethro AT ALL (he's WAYYYYY into racecars.)) These are all diesel, of course, including.... Brett's motorcycle. (which hasn't been built quite yet, but don't worry about that.)

And our winter villa (because it's COLD in the mountains in winter!!):

And to get from one home to the other, our turbo prop plane (which, of course, runs on biodiesel):

And we can't leave out Brett's dream shop, of which we could not find a picture adequate enough, so picture this: bi-level, 10,000 sq. foot expansive custom tinkering facility with a CNC mill and lathe, engine dyno, TIG welder, hydraulic tubing bender, biodiesel production plant, and foundry and misc. other tools of every trade imaginable. Of course, it will also include a 10 ton vehicle lift. (Kayli's note: and maybe a mini fridge.) Brett also wants you to know that we will own something like this for toting sundry items from the grocery store.

And, while this has been VERY enjoyable, it's time for us to get to bed. But I hereby tag all of you to tell me all about where YOU'll live, and drive, etc.

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Kami said...

Brett is amazing. I still think my car is cooler. But I will come visit you in the summer, if of course you can spare a bedroom in your cabin. I have to show Leo the motorcyle and cars for sure. I'm sure he'll be impressed.

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