Friday, May 11, 2007

Whiskey for my men, beer for my hosses.

Got this cute dress at a garage sale today. It's *WAY* too big (18 months) but you can't really tell that much from the pictures, can you? No smiles today, actually some pretty good mean faces, but still manages to be adorable.

This afternoon I took off her diaper and decided to let her air out for awhile, but of course, she peed all over me. I really should've known.

I took Hazel and Ethne to the mall tonight, because I need new church shoes, but it was a complete fiasco. Ethne cried mainly all the time, especially if she was in the stroller--so I was trying to push the stroller one-handed, which is quite difficult, I never did find shoes I like, and finally Hazel tipped herself over in the stroller and got a major goose egg. So we went and got some mint chocolate chip icecream and some mint oreos to soothe our wounds. Then I did the dishes. (Finally, I called my sister and she talked me through it.) So much for having a fabulous girls night while the boys are gone. Well, I really should be in bed already. I woke up when Brett did this morning and actually got up, so I'm pretty tired. No wonder Brett always goes to bed early---it really hits you around 9:30 when you wake up at 6.

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Kris said...

Sorry you had a bum time at the mall! It seems like every time I go to the mall with the kids it's a definite "chore" and not something I can enjoy very well. Yes, I tried downloading Picasa, but my computer said something like it couldn't b/c of something; I don't remember. And I haven't tried linking anything, I just wanted to know how to do it in case I want to in the future. Maybe I'll try figuring out the Picasa thing again. Oh, I was just a person in the stands of one of the baseball games, so I was in a huge crowd and just dressed up in a dress of my own that I thought looked like it was in the 20's (or whatever era it was!) We mostly stood in line all day waiting to get into the stands, but it was still fun nonetheless and a great memory!

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