Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi diddley-dee, a pirate's life for me.

Here are some random tidbits of our life.

Ha ha! Isn't that the CUTEST thing you've ever seen?! I went to Goodwill today, and that is the sort of thing I just can't resist for $4. I had to put it on her right away, of course, and it fits really well.

Doesn't Hazel look so grown-up in this picture?

A pincushion I made. I really needed one. I only had the plastic case the needles came in and it was annoying. Pattern here.

On Memorial Day, Brett got to drive a military truck in the (TINY) parade.

Hazel and I wore our cowboy hats. This picture is one Jethro took of us before we left. When I looked at the camera I tried asking him why he didn't tell me it was too close, but he didn't get it.

So, one I took with the timer later on. Not so great, but oh well.

More cute bunny pictures. I have to tell you the story. The picture of Hazel holding Ethne up is right before she just let her go and she fell right on her face. Poor girl. So then Jethro comes and says "Why is Hazel crying?" and I said cause she got in trouble for letting Ethne fall. Then the picture of Jethro holding her is right before HE almost let her fall on her face (and he's usually really good about NOT doing that kind of thing). Poor third child. But TOUGH third child.
This is what Sunday morning looks like at our house.


Heather S. said...

Looks like you have been having lots of good times.

Emily usually does pretty good holding Thomas, but Alexa doesn't. It felt like I was reading a tale from my own family. I guess it isn't all that unusual. How old is Ethne?

Kristi said...

I was just looking in a book and saw the plates on the wall, and thought that I might want to do that! funny. your kids are too cute. love it.

Ginger said...

Loren REALLY, REALLY wanted to help drive those army trucks in the parade too, but I was completely sick, and couldn't really take care of myself that day. That looks like so much fun.

stevenandkatrina said...

I have the same bunny outfit!! I got it at Target after easter for $3. It is 18 months though so it doesn't fit yet. I was thinking it might fit him at Halloween. A little girly but oh well. Too funny, maybe we shoudl get pictures of them both wearing them:)

I love Ethne's little dress she is wearing in the swing. Is she breast feeding in that other picture?...hhhmm...sure looks like it:)

Hazel is looking so old and cute. It will be crazy how old Chandler and Ethne with look when we get back though. Hopefully they will both have figured out how to eat solids by then...haha:)

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