Friday, November 5, 2010

Golden light


Light, God's eldest daughter... 

~Thomas Fuller



IMGP2015IMGP2020  IMGP2030

IMGP2032 IMGP2033


IMGP2040 IMGP2046 IMGP2047 IMGP2048 IMGP2054  IMGP2058

IMGP2056 IMGP2060

IMGP2061  IMGP2064

IMGP2066  IMGP2069 IMGP2068



1. Do you like the pretty check-mark bruise on Talmage’s cheek?  It happened in primary- I’m not responsible.

2. I’m okay with siblings of this age kissing on the lips.  In fact, I’m so in love with these pictures,  I can’t actually describe it.  Love love love.

3.  So how many pictures in one post are too many?  …maybe don’t answer that.


Lynn said...

No. 2 - I totally agree! So adorable! Sweet innocent pure love for one another.

Amanda said...

That is a wicked looking bruise. He is such a handsome boy! it just makes him look a little tougher.

Andrea said...

I like the bruise too. Bruises on boys do look tough. Elise just looks sad :( with hers.

The photos are perfect. It makes a mother happy to see her kids happy together!

Andrea said...

So sweet. Love the pics--especially the one of the light shining through Ethne's hair. I think Jane Doe won't have red hair, for some reason, and I'm a little sad for her, and happy for Cowen.

I've been wrong before.

Kristi said...

the 17th one is my fave!
- what is in that smoothie in your last post? looks weird! (but I am sure it was delish!)

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