Monday, April 30, 2012

Las Ramblas y La Boqueria

So the morning we went to Sagrada Familia we walked to a Carrefour- a Wal-Mart like store (I WISH they had one in Switzerland), and Brett went in to quickly buy a stroller.  Unfortunately, what should have taken 10 minutes tops turned into about an hour because of trying to find employees to help get down the box, then waiting in line to buy it, then opening it and finding that it was missing a set of wheels, and trying to get that straightened out.  But at least we weren’t breaking our backs carrying Orrin in the carrier everywhere we went.  But then of course after we saw Sagrada Familia we had to figure out how to get to the next stop, and the dumb metro was pretty hard to figure out because they didn’t have adequate maps.  Anyway, we (actually Brett) figured it out. 

We went and rambled on Las Ramblas.  It is a long walkway for pedestrians with lots of stores and street cafes and vendors and performers.


IMGP2894 IMGP2897  IMGP2899 IMGP2901


IMGP2908 IMGP2904

Here’s the entrance to La Boqueria, a big awesome market type place.


And again, so much color!  Barcelona is so BRIGHT!

IMGP2914 IMGP2915 IMGP2916 IMGP2917 IMGP2919 IMGP2921 IMGP2926

I don’t even know what these fruits are.  Anyone?

IMGP2927 IMGP2929 IMGP2934 IMGP2940 IMGP2942

Nice- rabbit anyone?

IMGP2946 IMGP2951 IMGP2952 IMGP2953 IMGP2955 IMGP2959 IMGP2956

Jethro begged me to let him buy one of these little cactus plants, so I did.

IMGP2964 IMGP2975 IMGP2976


Lucy on Aslan:

IMGP2983 IMGP2986 IMGP2991 IMGP2996


We got to see the bridge swing apart in half to let a couple boats go through.  Notice random stranger’s hand protectively keeping Ethne from going too close to the edge.  Thanks stranger!

 IMGP3003 IMGP3006 IMGP3010




Lynn said...

It's a DRAGON Fruit. We have a lot of ethnic groups where we live here in Calgary. They sell those dragon fruits in our supermarkets. I have yet to try one. I hear they are pretty darn good. ; )

P.S. We grew up on a rabbit farm. We lived our winters out on rabbit meat. It takes just like chicken. I love fried rabbit. Tastes so good. We learned though to never tell our friends what the meat was at our dinner table when they came over. We lost a lot of "thumper loving" friends, when they would find out. ; S

Lynn said...

takes - "Tastes" Oops.

Kami said...

Carrefour is where I shopped in Colombia. Sometimes anyway. I could walk to it from Leo's uncle's house, but it was more of hike than the other closer grocery store. Just FYI.

Kris said...

That is sooo cool! Except for the skinned pile of rabbits. :) I've seen pictures of those people dressed up and painted like golden statues. How fun! I'm totally jealous b/c I would love to go to Spain!

emily ballard said...

I love how well you document your travels. These pictures and descriptions will help preserve your children's memories.

You must be able to get dragon fruit somewhere around here because we've served it as part of a ceviche special at our restaurant.

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