Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bowling in Arizona.

So, I am home again.  It was a great trip.  I always always have so so much fun with my family, but I was very sad my own little family was not there.  Mostly all the other cousins were there, so I kept thinking ‘If only Jethro and Hazel and Ethne could be playing and having so much fun with everyone!’  And of course, ‘If only Brett were here to dance/kiss/hang out/play with me.’

By the way, a flight from Switzerland to the U.S. is a long, long, flight.  And the one back is just as long.  And when I got home (after pulling my luggage up the hill from the bus stop through the rain to my house), Orrin cried when I picked him up and hugged him.  Then he wanted to go to Brett, and every time he looked at me he would sniffle and cry again.  It was a sad, sad thing.  But, he liked me again after a few minutes.

One of my favorite quotes from the trip was when I was saying that I was going to go shopping instead of go to the zoo, and Ethan (my little brother) asked me what I was going to get.  I said, “All the things I can’t get in Switzerland.”  and he said, “Like what?”  and I said, “Well, like brown sugar for instance.”  And he said, “How do you cook without brown sugar?”  and I said, “Well, they have white sugar, just not brown.”  and he said, “Oh, so they’re racist.”  ha ha haa!

So anyway, I helped do a few things for my sister Amy who was the one getting married, and we went to the temple lights, and we swam and chatted and ate chocolates and other good food, and I bought a football and played a bit with my brother and brother-in-law and nieces, and we had a wedding and danced. 

If you can believe it though, I only took my camera out ONCE.  So, I will have to share some pictures when my brothers and sisters get some posted hopefully.  BUT, for now, here are (way too many) pictures of the awesome time we had bowling after the wedding reception.  (Sadly, Tim and Andrea couldn’t come as they had no available babysitters, and my mom and dad weren’t there, and Amy and Kam were on their honeymoon, which probably was not as cool as bowling with us would have been.)

 IMGP8299 IMGP8300

  IMGP8323 IMGP8325





Megan likes to give wet willies.  She also likes to snap bras.  Which she did, numerous times, to me while I was there.

I did not tell these people to smooch- apparently, according to Sterling, after you go to a wedding you’re in a LOVE mood.  By the way, that is a new wedding ring on Lindsay’s finger.  Wyatt finally bought her a new one after losing her old one years ago.


Me and Lindsay and Wyatt.


Me and Megsie.


Me posing.


Cute picture of Brooke and Karlee, and classic picture of Lindsay.


Me and Kam.  Which I probably shouldn’t say anymore, since now there is a brother-in-law named Kam (short for Kameron), but I think we can all figure it out.  Good, I’m glad we agree on that.


Wyatt and Lindsay Ann.  Like Freedom.  And they’re having a baby.  Probably tomorrow.  And apparently also a bowling ball.

IMGP8386 IMGP8388

Leo the man.


Lindsay the …weirdo?

IMGP8393 IMGP8398 

IMGP8409 IMGP8411

IMGP8414 IMGP8417

And… Kami.



Me, getting ready to bowl.  Feel the anticipation….






Oh yeah.


By the way, I am terrible at bowling.  I think I was better years and years ago.


IMGP8460 IMGP8462

Scary dudes.





This is what I got from Leo when I said “now smile normal.”  hmmm.


Major kissing and making out going on over in that corner.  But, like Sterling said, weddings make for a lovey feeling.



Lindsay Ann didn’t bowl.  But she did make suspicious faces, which is just as useful.




Derek is very good at bowling.

IMGP8513 IMGP8514


IMGP8516 IMGP8517

We had some wings, the most delicious onion rings I’ve had in forever, some chocolates from Mom, and a chocolate milk shake later on.  I don’t see how the night could have been anything but tremendous.




Lindsay trying to look like a punk.  hmmm.

IMGP8534 IMGP8537



Why, hello… Wyatt.




Umm, Wyatt.  There are no words.


When Leo had a good bowl he would do this awesome Latin-esque dance thingee.  It was awesome.  I should have video-d it.


‘Twas fun.



Next time in Switzerland, k guys?


Lynn said...

You guys are a riot! Welcome back!

P.S. You do know that Brown sugar is just plain white sugar with molasses in it. Right? Do they have molasses in Switzerland?

Megan said...

Where is the picture of MY SCORE????? THat is worthy of it's own post!!!!! I am SOOOO Glad you were there too - it was awesome to see you - we did miss your kids - can't wait to have you over to our house for a few days - ALL of you!!!!!! Love you tons!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We have the best group of kids in the whole world in spite of our own little quirks(or maybe it's quacks haha) What a great time we all had in AZ. Love you, Mom

Tracy said...

Looks like a great night of bowling. Your family looks highly entertaining. I think if I had been there I would have spent the evening laughing my pants off. I'm glad you got to have a trip home.

Kristi said...

how fun for you to be back with your family for a bit. your family is so fun. hopefully we will see some of them at the big Rasmussen reunion this summer!- maybe you will be back on this continent by then?!

Steve and Katrina said...

Your family seems so fun. I'm glad you got to see them. I can't believe you were in the Charlotte close to me:( It is exactly 30 minutes from our house. That would have been awesome to see you but probably not feasible. By the way, I can't even begin to tell you how many comments I get on the kids hats. Emery wears hers pretty much every single day and always gets at least one comment, usually more. Did you use a pattern? My goal this year is to finally learn to crochet. All my friends look at the hats and say they would be so easy to make. Hopefully I will learn how by the end of the year. Too bad I can't just have you teach me:) Anyway, sorry I didn't give you credit on the birthday part idea. I totally meant to and forgot to mention it. I will have to update it.

Kris said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I bet it was great seeing your family and being back in the States for a bit, but I'm sure you were so glad to get home to your kids too! I love bowling.

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