Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun day

Today was very fun. First we went to Lowe's and built time capsules (thank you Lowe's for giving us something to do on freezing cold days!!). The roads were AMAZINGLY icy and Brett has lots of fun doing doughnuts and 360's in the parking lot.

Then we came home and had lunch and I finally convinced Brett to go swimming!! I needed some warmth. Brett didn't want to go at first, so I was wheedling for a while, and then the clincher was I gave Ethne her swimming suit and told her to go say "Please Daddy," --which she did perfectly. It was so cute. Brett said "You're shameless!" Hee hee. Off to the pool we went. :)
Jethro and Hazel swam like fishes! Jethro really swims great--all on his own. Hazel swims great with her marshmallow floatie thing. She swam all over the place and she kept singing the little ditty that Dorie sings in Finding Nemo --'just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swiiiiiiiiming, swiiiiiiiming.' It was very cute. (By the way these pictures are pretty blurry because my camera kept fogging up.)Ethne, on the other hand, pretty much only put her feet in the water. She would sit on the very top step of the stairs and that was it! No coaxing could persuade her any further. But I think she had a good time nonetheless, throwing toys in the water.Then we went to the library. What fun getting out and doing things in the dreary gray winter.

And what cute kids!


Tiffany Alldredge Smith said...

Where did you get the marshmellow floater thing? I'd love to get one for Bella.

Lynn said...

LOL! You are ONE smart woman!

Andrea said...

Where did you get the girls' swimsuits. Way cute!!

nicole said...

..and I want to know where this pool is? i had no idea we had anything like that around.

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