Sunday, January 4, 2009


Our time in Chicago was FAAAABulous, just as expected. We ate lots of truffles and other delicioso goodies made by Kami, went to Cabela's where Brett bought a scope for his gun, played kickball and dodgeball, played dress-up, watched some stellar movies (Across the Great Divide and The Happiest Millionaire), played some good card games (except not Rook because Leo's anti --how did he marry into this family?!! Dad's supposed to screen for those kind of things), watched lots of youtube videos and the like on Kami's high-speed internet, ate a tasty meal de Colombia made by Kami which was so good and I ate so much that I had to have me a little lay-on-the-floor-with-my-legs-up (anyone in my family will tell you that I love to do that after a really great meal). There was even a Calvin and Hobbes book handy on the bookshelf upon which I was resting my head, so it was a truly delicious rest, and all the kids wanted in on it as you can see.
And this was what happens when one kid poos in the bathtub. Grrrr kid. (Okay, it was my kid. So I had to clean it up. Grrrr Ethne!)

And I thought this picture was so cute of Ethne in Elena's cute little nightgown.
Kami and Leo, you guys are awesome. Thank you for having us over. Let's do it again sometime, shall we?

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Lynn said...

LOL! LOVE the photos of you resting with the kids after eating.
And the one with you resting you them from the trespasser in the tub! Hilarious!!!

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