Thursday, October 4, 2007

A-wimoweh A-wimoweh

Hazel's been singing the background chorus to 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' because she just watched 'The Lion King.' Except, I don't really know how to spell it...the title is one spelling that showed up when I googled it, but to me it sounds more like a-weembowet. Anyway. I think it's funny to hear Hazel singing it.

Speaking of Hazel and music, we were listening to the soundtrack of the movie 'Gods and Generals' and I asked the kids what it sounded like. Jethro said it sounded sad, and then Hazel said that it sounded sad like mothers losing their children. ????? Where did that come from? I have no idea, but it was random.

So, when I talked about going to Chicago, I said that my sister Kami was somewhat stressed because of some major decisions she was making, well, they're made, and she has adopted (well, not officially yet) a little 7-year-old named Ana. She is Leo's cousin who wasn't in a fabulous situation. Pretty crazy. I talked to my dad on the phone today (that happens very rarely--maybe once a year or so) and asked what I thought about it. I said it was crazy. And that it would have been easier for Kami if she'd already had even one kid in school so that she was more to that stage, and my dad said "Yeah, she's pretty much fastforwarded seven years of her life." Kami is incredibly awesome and though we're all a bit worried for her sake, we know she'll be awesome for Ana. Funny things....Kami and Leo planned on naming their next daughter Anna, and when Kami went down to Arizona to pick up Ana, they had a combined Priesthood/RS lesson on adoption. Crazy crazy crazy. Anyway, if you click on the link to her blog you can read more.

We got Jethro a Halloween costume today....he loves it, but I won't give away what it is quite yet.

We have very noticeable cars. Last week as I was walking Jethro to the car (from school) and some guy was sitting on his front porch asked if we had the Scout, actually I think he asked if we had the International Traveler, which is what it is, and I said yeah. So he must have recognized the Mercedes as being the one that is parked beside the Scout at our house. And he asked me what year it was, and started telling me about something or other that I couldn't really hear. And today I was getting the kids in the Mercedes after coming out of a store, and an old man asked what year it was, and I said 1982 (which I ONLY remember because it's one year older than me) and he said that it looked really nice, and I said, "Thanks, my husband painted it last year," and he said "He did a good job." And then he said, "Is he interested in buying a '74 something-something (I can never remember the letters and numbers...why don't they just give them a real name--I'd have a slightly better chance at remembering)?" and I told him that he probably would be but I'd tell him no. Then he laughed and said "I guess I'm talking to the wrong person." Yup.
So there you go, the pictures for today. When Brett painted the Mercedes. Doesn't it look chocolately-creamy? Makes me want to lick it.

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Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Heehee, I don't think I've EVER had the desire to lick a car. But I guess if it was coated in chocolate I wouldn't have any reservations!

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