Monday, April 9, 2007


So, not much new. I painted cabinets all day. Someday they will be done.

I hope.

Well, that's about it. As I painted today I listened to Jethro and Hazel playing in the front room on the "ship" they built out of couch cushions and pillows. First one of them would push the other one, and that one would cry, and maybe come into the kitchen for a kiss and to tell on the other, then they would go back out, and the other one would get pushed and start crying. Sometimes they just stopped on their own or started laughing while crying, and then it would cycle over and over. Also, before lunch, Hazel wanted to play with Jethro and was begging him to "please come play with me Jefwo!" and I tried coaxing him, all to no avail. Then after lunch, it was "Hazel, come play with me!" "No!"
Why don't you guys synchronize?

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stevenandkatrina said...

Kayli, You were suppose to call me and have me help with the painting or watching your kids when you started on your cupboards again!! I am totally willing to help out. Just let me know.

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