Thursday, April 26, 2007


Long time no blog. Well don't worry, I'm back. I've felt kinda busy, doing some stuff. Last week I joined the crowd (my mom, my sister Andrea, along with several people in the wards around here) and made some strawberry jam. It is very tasty. Hence, the picture of the strawberry on Hazel's finger in the top left. (By the way, there is some pictures of her haircut, Linds. She's still pretty cute I think, Brett!) I've done other things too, but I can't remember right now. Today I finally made Brett's REAL birthday dinner. When it was his birthday I was busy with other things that day, but I finally made him a good dinner and his FAVORITE...strawberry-rhubarb pie. He walked in and saw it sitting on the stove (it was very pretty, I must admit...lattice top and everything) and his eyes really did light up and he was sooo excited. I am not a fan of cooked fruit, so I never make any of that kind of stuff for pies or cobblers, etc. Anyway, then I stole an idea from a friend, Julie Norwood, and wrote 28 little reasons why we love Brett and put them inside 28 balloons (cause he turned 28, get it?) and he had to sit on them to get the note out. Good times.

Here are some cute pictures of Ethne with a tulip from our house. First she wears it, then she inspects it, then she eats it. :)
And then some pictures of Hazel with a tulip, about two years ago. Awwwww.


stevenandkatrina said...

I LOVE those pictures of Ethne!!! And she is sitting up?!?! AWESOME! I'm sad we couldn't come and get pictures taken the other night. Darn Chandler having an early bed time:( HOpefully there will be good lighting again sometime soon. Tulips are my favorite flower but I just don't know if you can really put a flower behind a boys ear and have it be okay. I need a girl!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Ethne and Hazel looked nothing alike as babies. That is my comment for the day. Thanks for the pictures of Hazels haircut Kayli.

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