Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happy April 3.

This day has been fairly productive...yay. We washed the car this morning to surprise Brett and then of course the sky clouded over and it stormed all afternoon. I have done all the laundry and it is even now almost all put away. Dinner is on the stove and I made bread. (Finally--with our cupboard stuff being out and causing disarray, I haven't made any for awhile and we even bought the fake store-kind-horrors!) Warm bread with butter and honey is soooo delightful.
And I also took this beautiful picture (although I'm not too happy with the crop, but it was the best I could do) before I tried to feed Ethne some baby cereal. She will have none of it. I have tried it several times and she NEVER swallows. She tries not to even close her mouth, just hang it open and make weird faces, and gag and cry. I even put peaches in today to make it sweeter. Nope. Oh well, that's okay.
Yesterday was Jethro's first soccer practice/game. It went pretty well--he only got frustrated two times but after a big pep-talk he kept trying. He was discouraged that he wasn't making any goals. Hee hee. But it was fun. And I was a little sad to see how big he looked out there with a bunch of other kids, playing soccer. Maybe I won't let him do things like that anymore. Play soccer, go to kindergarten...nope. He'd better just stay home with me. Brett said, "So you want to retard him?" Hmmm. A point.


Heather said...

Our little kids are growing up. It's so sad. :( Emily really is enjoying soccer. She especially enjoys practicing dribbling the ball around our house. (Which of course drives me nuts.)

Kami said...

That is so crazy that Jethro is so big. It seems like you should still be dragging him around USU with you in a car seat. Sorry it rained on your car. That happened to me last week too, my washed car only lasted two days--and it never rains in AZ. I love that picture of Ethne, and the one of HAzel in the frame. Can I come visit you. I'll clean your house, paint your cabinets, etc. if you'll take pictures of Elena all day. Thanks.

Todd and Amy said...

That pic is so great. The color is awesome and her eyes totally stand out! I'm so impressed that you make your own bread always! I wish I were so domesticated :)

Anonymous said...

If you come down to visit, you'll have to show me how to make bread b/c everytime I try it never seems to rise! -Kris

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