Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hola mis amigos

So, hi. I was reading someone's blog about what they accomplished in their productive day....and I decided not to ever read about anyone's productive day ever again. There was FAR more on her list than on my list from a productive day. However, I have many and varied talents, as my sister Andrea reminded me when she told me that the other day when they were all at my other sister Megan's house to watch conference, and my other sister Lindsay was trying to avoid helping with the dishes so she started playing the piano and my mom said, "Lindsay, what are you doing? Stop trying to get out of doing the dishes and get out here. And why were you playing the piano? Kayli would never have done anything so obvious--she would have just milled around, taking a plate every once in a great while to give the effect of helping." Sweet. It's nice to be thought of, isn't it? Another nice entry into my lazy book. :)

The kids had a little Easter egg hunt today at the church for playgroup, and it was really fun. They were so excited. So you'd expect a nice egg/basket/Easter picture, but no--I didn't bring my camera. However, I took a picture of Hazel eating her Ramen noodles for lunch. For some strange reason I just think it's so cute. (And I can tell I'm not pregnant because although the Ramen noodles was all right, I like the stuff, it wasn't to-die-for-it's-so-delicious like it is when I'm pregnant. Which is fine by me.)

I also felt nice today because I was complimented on my bread. Yesterday a guy that works in Brett's lab came over after work so Brett could make him an adaptor or some part for his motorcycle. And of course, since I had fresh bread on the table I offered him some. He was quite funny about it. He said, "Where's the bread machine?" and I said that I don't use one, so he was impressed that I made it from scratch, and he said, "And here I was proud of myself for making a cake out of a box the other day." hee hee. He was also awed by our buckets of flour and sugar (which were in the kitchen because we have been using them to hold up cupboards while we paint them). He asked where we got such a big quantity of flour. What a funny comment, but then, I guess I forget that I come from a certain culture. We sent a loaf home with him and today Brett said that he was eating a sandwich at lunch time and said that I should sell my bread. :) It's very satisfying when guys enjoy your cooking.

So, the brother-in-law I mentioned before with girl troubles is even more sad now. I wish I could do something more than send cookies. His girlfriend broke it off--she's not ready or confused or something lame like that--and he threw up. He was a very very sad guy. It made me so sad that I dreamt (dreamed?) about him all night, worrying. Anyway, she is totally missing out on an awesome guy.

So, I've been thinking about this, and talking it over with a few people, and I guess I just don't sympathise enough with people who are ready one minute, not ready the next, never quite sure...etc. With me and Brett it took hardly any time at all to know we were going to get married...about a month. I think it runs in our family. I polled my family once to see how long they dated before getting engaged and here is the breakdown:

up to 1 week: 1 couple (well 2 on the poll, but one of the votes was from Ethan, who is 16 and not married, so I disqualified that vote)
1-2 weeks: 1 couple
1-2 months: 2 couples
2-4 months: 2 couples
6+ months: 1 couple (and that relationship kindof had atypical circumstances)

and here are some of the explanations:

"Derek and I saw eachother for 3 days before we got engaged but we talked on the phone for 2-3 weeks before that. SO we kind of fall into 2 answers but I picked the up to a week becuase we actually "dated " for only 3 days. Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!" -Brooke, sis-in-law (And hey, interesting tidbit for Jessica L. and Kristi L. --their first kiss was in front of Aunt LaVerle's house)

"wyatt and i dated for a while, but he knew i guess the week after he met me." --Lindsay Ann, sis-in-law

"Well we really didn't get engaged for 4 months but I knew in the first 1-2 weeks." --Kami

"I knew the minute he walked in the door for the first time after his mission--however, we had dated before so I don't know if that counts." --Andrea

So, how about YOU long before you "knew"? (I find this a highly interesting topic, if you didn't already notice.) ;)


Kami said...

You forgot Megan, she dated appr. 3 weeks before getting engaged. And Amy only knew Nate I think for three months before marrying him too. So that was quick as well. Anyway, I met a sister missionary from Cardston the other day at the Easter pageant and she graduated with Travis R. I told her he was married and his wife just had a baby. She was really surprised, and I said "Well, you know those Rasmussen boys" and she laughed really hard. So apparently others are well aware of how quickly we marry.

Kami said...

Kayli, just for you... check out

Christy said...

Carl and I started dating in October 1994. He left on his mission in 1995, I left in 1996, and in 1998, six weeks after I came home--we got engaged. We wrote letters every week we were apart...even though I had a little fling before I went into the MTC and he had a bigger one before I came home. I actually had to make him break up with this other girl so we could get married. It wasn't too hard to get him to do that. ;)

Kerry said...

Tony and I knew each other for 2 years before we started dating. We met on the folk dance team in the fall of '96. It was Tony's first semester home from his mission. He ended up dating a girl on our team, and sent her on a mission. He wrote faithfully and was waiting for her.However, about 5 months before she came home, we started dating. This was in November of 98, right before Thanksgiving. By December 10, we knew we were getting married. We got engaged in January and got married in June. He had to write a Dear Jane to his mssionary. The hard part was, she was my friend too. Good times.I love remembering our story.

Christy said...

Oh's the spanish teacher coming out in me.

Hola MIS amigos.

Todd and Amy said...

We knew each other about 2.5 months before we were engaged... I think we knew we'd get married after about a month though. We were married about 3 months after we got engaged. Fast... but no regrets. I have two "college age" siblings doing the dating scene right now and I hate all the drama of it. I'm glad I met Todd, we "knew" and did the deed :)

Rachael said...

hi--i found your blog via andrea's blog! sort of blog-stalker-esque, but I wanted to tell you how fun your blog is! i am inspired now to go make tulle skirts and hairclips--I'm impressed by your craftiness. I NEVER would have come up with those!

Christy said...


The Tate Fam said...

Ricky and I dated for 4 years before we got married! We were only engaged for 4 months! We started dating in high school, which is one of the reasons for dating so long!

Heather said...

I knew John and I were going to get married within about 2 weeks of dating. It took him a little longer. Withing about 3-4 weeks we had discussed it but he was leaving the next day to move to Indiana so we went ring shopping. He flew back over labor day and we got engaged then. Married in December.

marenmadsen said...

We have buckets of flour and sugar, too! I'm not as productive as you are, since I only make homemade bread 2-3 times a week. But I have started "bread of life" Sundays, where I make some kind of yummy bread to eat for the family to eat in the evenings. Our favorite so far has been blueberry lemon sweet rolls - yum!

Lance and I only dated for 3 months before we were engaged. However, we had known each other for 7 years prior to that, so I don't know if 3 months was really fast or we were just really slow!

Andrea said...

Finally catching up on your blog! For Tyler and I, the 3rd date was the "magical date" where we both just knew it was right. (We went on 3 dates 3 weekends in a row.) We knew each other a little for a few months, but from the time we started dating to when we got engaged was 2 months, and then we got married 2 months later! When it's right, it's right!

Devonee said...

Mark and I had been dating about a month when I told my mom I was going to marry him. We got engaged after 5 months, married 3 months after that.

katie said...

Hola--well, I found your blog via my Aunt Lucy's (the one w/ the apron tutorial) and I really like it, so I just thought I'd share!

So I met my husband while I was going to school at BYU-Idaho. I was rooming w/ my sister and cousin and way good friend from Oregon. Anyways, the first Sunday of the semester we came home from church and my sister asked us who we thought the cutest guy in the ward was, and I said Nate and I got made fun of b/c he's small--5'6" and about 120 lbs, but while they were making fun of me I said "I'll marry him someday" and lo and behold I married him the next May (we met in September).

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