Friday, April 27, 2007


*Warning, I rambled for a long time on this one, so if you do not know my family, you can skip reading this, although I tell you that there are some really funny stories, especially the last one.*

This episode of Meet the Family is on Megan....the very first in line of the all of us nine. Talk about a tough job--I mean, being the "lazy one of the family" and all is no piece of cake either, but I don't think I'd trade. She had to take care of us a lot. Poor thing. And she didn't get a prom dress. And her chicken didn't win a ribbon. Poor thing. BUT she is incredibly awesome and talented and Beautiful. That's her with me sleeping on her, (don't I look like Ethne in that picture? --yeah right, you can hardly see my face) and then her holding me---although I don't know if she's the one that dressed me up as a pirate. Maybe that's where my piratical tendencies began. Anyway.

See, poor Megan is on the bottom of that dog pile...and that's not even all of us!

This is Megan and her husband Jared, soon after they got married.
This is me and Megan at Disneyland (and my cousin Maria and my sister Kami behind us. I know, I look weird in that picture. Oh well.)

So anyway, we'll get going with some of the best Megan stories. Well, she's very self-motivated. She always did super in school and in college took about a billion credits at a time and worked full-time as well and did extra-curricular stuff. In fact, right here on this very computer desk is a door sign that says Megan Rasmussen Health Professions Senator. She won woman of the Year at WSU one year. She is a Nurse Anesthetist, which I think is the job of an angel after my last baby's easy delivery thanks to a lovely epidural. Her leanings towards the health field got started way back when, when she was a young girl (10 or 11) on a farm in Canada. She dissected a gopher and took out all the different parts and labeled them-heart, liver, etc. Psycho.

She likes outdoor sports like snow skiing and scuba diving and hiking. She's saved at least 3 of her siblings from drowning, including me. So it's a good thing she's around. Now she has horses, chickens, and goats, and 5 cutie cute kids --Danica, Myles, Lynnaea, Kierstin and Anders.
She taught me how to crochet. When I first started wearing a bra she always snapped it. I didn't like that. Whenever we all wrestle she fights really dirty like giving wet willies, but she's pretty much the only girl brave enough to go after dad.

She was also very nocturnal. She often got out of bed in the middle of the night and went outside doing who knows what. There is a story about her and my other sister Amy and our cousin Dixie getting in trouble and being called a peeping tom. All because Dixie wouldn't stay in hiding. Or all because Megan dragged them all outside in the middle of the night, depending on how you look at it.

Now, I had to ask my sister Amy, the one closest in age to Megan, for her best Megan story, since Megan's a bit farther away from me in age, and she reminded me of a good one. Once, Amy had an assignment for school to write a letter to a loved one as if she had a terminal illness, explaining it and saying goodbye. So, Megan was up really really late studying (they were in college when this happened) and Amy handed her the letter, explained that it was an assignment for a class, and went to bed. The next thing she knew, she was awoken at 5 in the morning by a sobbing, hysterical Megan who thought the letter was real and that Amy was dying. Hee hee hee.

Amy also gave a good story about being in a car accident with Megan. When they were both working in Waterton National Park one summer, Megan asked my Grandpa to borrow his car to go to town to a rodeo. So they were driving along, and Megan was driving way too fast (Amy says) and Amy told her to slow down. Megan said, "I know how to drive," and kept speeding along. A minute or two later, they were down in the barrow pit and Amy's window was being scraped by barbed wire and it was very loud (Amy gave me a very nice demonstration of how it sounded over the phone...wish you all could've heard it). So, they knew a guy in town with a car place, so they told him their plight and said how they had no money, but they needed to get it fixed cause it was their grandpa's car. He said, "Who's your Grandpa?" and they said "John Walburger" adn he said, "I'll fix it." Hee hee. Amy claims she's been in no less than 10 car accidents with her.

I remember when Megan first met Brett, and she was the first one out of our family to meet him after Kami and Andrea (because they were at USU), and when she opened the door she gave him a huge hug and actually lifted him up and was like "Welcome to the family!!!" and I thought it was so funny. Brett's like, "Uhhhhh, hi." Ha ha ha.

But my absolute favorite favorite thing about Megan is when she starts laughing, really hard, her face gets sooooo red and and she starts crying. I love it. She and Jared lived in the same town with us in Minot, North Dakota, and she was over one night when we were having prayers and we always knelt in a circle and held hands, and Dad was getting mad at Wyatt about something and he pulled his ear, and then Megan was like, "Maybe we should just hold ears instead of hands," and so she held Wyatt's ear, and she started laughing/crying and it was the funniest thing ever.

Another time, when she lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and we lived in Minot, she came to visit when she was almost due to have her first baby. We were playing Pictionary one night and Dad was my partner, but he kept going off to the computer room to check scores on the internet, and so I had to keep yelling at him to come back. And one time I said "Where's my husband?" when I meant to say "Where's my partner?" and Megan found it hysterical and started laughing and choking. Really, when you watch her it's soooo funny. Well, that night her water broke and they had to rush back to Grand Forks to go to the hospital.

Okay, I just got off the phone with some more of my siblings, and my mom. This is really fun, I think I should call people for random stories more often. So, my mom told me some more stories about Megan being a hero. I remember one time bike riding and falling off and getting pretty scraped up and Megan carried me home. This kind of thing was a fairly regular occurrence. My mom said that when they lived in Leavitt, the oldest four and some cousins were playing in a pond and someone (maybe Andrea or Derek) cut their foot really badly, and Megan carried them (Megan not being very much older than them) back all the way across the field, BAREFOOT, walking on prickles and hay and all that. What a hero! Another time, Andrea fell in the pond and got COVERED with leeches, and Megan was the only one who would pick them off of her.

My sister-in-law Brooke said that her favorite story about Megan and Jared is how one time they got into a fight over hot dog buns. I wasn't there, but I can believe it. However, Brooke shouldn't talk....she and Derek got into a huge fight over the game Oregan Trail.

My brother Wyatt said that when he was really little Megan took him and Ethan to a animal museum or something and they saw snakes and stuff and she bought him little toy animals. I also remember her taking the youngest five of us to Timpanogus cave. And one time, Megan was riding me on her bike and she started going down this really big hill and she started screaming adn said, "Oh no!! The brakes don't work!" And I totally fell for it and was really scared, but she was just joking.

She was really sweet and I remember that when we moved to North Dakota and the four oldest were staying in Utah so it was the first time in our family's existence that we'd be very far apart (it was very sad), Megan made a little bag for each of us with a letter, and coloring books adn stickers and neat things for the trip. She's always thoughtful like that.

And the final, and perhaps best story of the night is also from Wyatt, and it happened last night. He and Jared were watching the Jazz game and they'd already lost two games, but they ended up winning. Megan came downstairs and asked who won, and they said the Jazz. And Megan said, "Good! I can finally get some good sex because my husband won't be worrying about the Jazz losing." Ha AHAAAAAAHAAAAA!!!!! Poor Jared was very embarrassed and protested that he, of course, didn't worry about it that much. He heee hee hee. So glad I talked to Wyatt.


Todd and Amy said...

I love your "meet the family" posts! I might borrow this idea, although mine wouldn't be *nearly* so witty and comical. Seriously, you need to put these in a book or something... your stories crack me up!!

jessica said...

funny stories! you should print these out and put them in a journal or something.

Anonymous said...

I really think you should use this blog thing as your journal Kayli, it is awesome!! I should use this entry of yours as MY journal - I didn't remember half that stuff!! Thanks for saying all those nice things about me - it brought a tear to my eye (I'll pay you later :)). I love you!!


Anonymous said...

I asked Derek when he got home that night what his favorite story was and he said it was when Megan carried him all the way home after he cut his foot, so it must of been him in that story! Also thinking of Megans' laugh made me laugh. I can just picture her laugh/crying!!


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