Sunday, April 22, 2007


Okay, so when Hazel puts on her panties by herself she has a hard time getting them exactly right. Brett and I discovered her this way and I HAD to take a picture...HAD to. *SO* funny.

And here's a funny story. On Saturday night we had a cook-out with some friends, the Harringtons, and it was very fun. Brett was dishing up some food for Jethro and he asked him how hungry he was. Jethro said, "Forty-five." Alrighty then.
I had my first Sunday playing the organ and it went pretty well. Everyone was very nice and said I did a good job. Thanks everyone! But I felt like I was hardly in Sacrament meeting at all. After the sacrament I went to sit down, except Brett had gone out with the kids because Ethne was sad. So then I fed Ethne and came back after the second talk. When I went to sit down Brett handed me Hazel and said she had to go to the bathroom. So then I took her and when I got back I sat down, but in a few minutes the last talk was done and it was time to go play the closing song.
Well, I already miss primary. Relief Society just isn't as funny. Maybe I will have to go volunteer my services to Katrina until she gets a new teaching partner. Ha ha, yeah I'll be gung-ho for that for all of two weeks. Hee hee. ;) Going to bed now. Have a good night.


Ginger said...

Yeah, I was going to ask you about RS. Sorry that it wasn't as funny. Primary was just ok for me, except you missed me persuading the children to make bad choices. (Don't worry, the choice was between a plate of dirt and a plate of cookies. I happen to be a very good temptress!!) You should go help Katrina out--If you are reading this Katrina, I'm sorry, I should have been looking out for you better while you guys were at class. Zach REALLY did have to go to the bathroom! Don't worry, we made it in time. I'll do better next Sunday.

By-the-way, I even got good comments about your organistic talents. I got at least 2 or 3 good comments for you. It was really nice to walk into church and hear the organ being played. Good job again.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny - I had a good chuckle when I saw the picture. :) Don't think Morgan has gotten them as caddywampus (like my word?) as that but she always seems to put everything on backwards and a little twisted! -kris

Heather said...

With my girls we put their initial in the back next to the elastic waist, This way they sit down and put the initial down and slide their feet in. It's worked wonders in fixing the panties on wrong problem. Just an idea.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Take a picture of Hazel's face so I can see her cute haircut!

Harper Family said...

Glad to see Liz isn't the only one with panty issues! She usually has two legs through one leg hole and wears them like a belt. I won't complain as long as the poo and pee go in the potty. We can work out the panty issues later...

stevenandkatrina said...

Kayli I wanted to tell you that you did AWESOME!!! but I didn't get to see you. IT was sad not seeing you in primary, you can help me teach any day:)

Ginger- thanks for taking Zach to the bathroom. YOu did great in helping me out- no worries, I caught your husband in the hall so it was fine.

Angie Monson said...

You left me a comment on my blog about the baby photo contest, but I don't have your email! Love the cute pics with the tights, awesome job. The age limit is 5 years old, so email me some pics, of course you can submit all 3 kids!

Angie Monson

PS this butt cheek picture made me laugh so hard. Kids are just so funny, what would we do without them!

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