Monday, March 12, 2007

What a day.

So, this morning I woke up and there was a bunch of water on the kitchen floor, so I grilled Jethro about whether or not he spilled, and he said he didn't, and I told him to tell the truth, and he said he was. So, then I mopped it up, came back out later, and more water. Apparently, something was leaking. Jethro said "I told you I was telling the truth." Poor guy. So, I mopped up more water. Then, later in the day, I put some clothes in the washing machine and sat on the couch to nurse Ethne. I hear a funny bubbling noise, and then the terrible sound of water spilling out onto your floor. So I ran into the bathroom and soapy water was flowing out of the toilet. Oh no! It finally stopped, and I started mopping that up, along with the water in the kitchen (we're still not positive how it gets into the kitchen) and find that also water came up into the tub...with NASTY black stuff. EWWW.
So yeah, Brett came home and pulled off the toilet and played with the snake thing all evening and decided we're in big trouble because we're pulling up tree roots. That somehow does not give me a reassuring feeling about all this.
So, we went to Target to go to the bathroom (well, mainly just for me, Brett can go in the backyard), and we'll have to rent a roter-rooter tomorrow and try to purge our pipe.

On a different topic, once I read an article in a parenting-type magazine about things that people say their kids are never going to do that they end up doing after they have kids. Today I did one of those things. You see, I always thought people were babies when they got a band-aid for teeny scratches, or anything really that didn't require a band-aid. However, when Hazel gets hurt she always cries for a band-aid, so today, when she pinched her hand in the closet door and was crying and crying, I thought "Well, if a band-aid's going to make her feel better, why not?" Bad idea. So she of course, stops crying when I give her the band-aid, tells me thank-you, and that's that. Until Daddy decides the band-aid (that's she's played with and pulled on and off until it's no longer sticky) need to go in the garbage and takes it from her. Then she cries and cries more than she did when she actually gets hurt. So, there you go. The moral of this story is DON'T LET DADDY STEAL THE BAND-AID!!! j/k.


Kerry said...

Kayli!!!1 I totally feel your pain! We had that sewer problem at our house ALL the time! Tony became a pro at cleaning out the sewer. The first time it happened, we called the plumber, and they did diddly-squat! They told us we would have to have the tree in our front yard taken out to a tune of $1500! Tony said "yeah right" and did it himself. If Brett needs any advice from a pro, have him call Tony. Seriously...he would get up on the roof and run the snake down something up there. Who knew your sewer pipe was on the roof?Anyway...good luck. I mean it truly and sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Todd and Amy said...

Ewww! So sorry about the plumbing troubles. We had some nasty luck with that when we lived in Jackson. Hope it works out!! Too funny about Hazels bandaid!

Anonymous said...

Yuck! We had that same problem, of course it was the worst ever on the day it snowed a ton and there were snow emergencies, so we couldn't get anyone to come until the next day. They had to take the toilet off too and found roots in the pipes. Not fun, but it really wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. We had that nasty black stuff come up out of our tub too. -Kris A

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