Monday, March 12, 2007

Nut cases

So we had a fun day yesterday even though it was Daylight Savings so it was very difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. I didn't do my hair, just tried to make do with the leftovers from the day before, (yeah, maybe another thing that could go in my lazy book), but we all fell asleep later in the day except Jethro. Hazel fell asleep while Brett was reading them a story from the Friend. It was cute.

We took a walk to the park and played. It was so fun because it's been such a long time since we could do that. We carried Ethne in her little snuggli and she got her first swing on the swings!

Then after the kids were in bed I was laying on Brett on the couch while we were discussing what we're going to do this weekend, and I started laughing at something (I can not remember what) that wasn't that funny, but for some reason I could not stop laughing, and then I drooled a little bit on Brett and of course, he was violently protesting that, and then he said, "Hey! I just had deja vu! Have you spit on me before?!" Ha haa haa. Very funny. Then again, maybe you had to be there. Then again, maybe if you were there, you would have backed slowly out of the house until you could turn and run. ;)

Then, Brett started playing around with my hair making it look crazy and wild and then he would take a picture. It was lots of fun. And just because I'm sure you all will appreciate seeing one, I will post one. Please be aware what a sacrifice this is, for if you'll notice, I usually only post very nice pictures of myself, in black and white generally (which does a good job of hiding blemishes). So you should all be exceedingly grateful. Anyway. Have a great day!

Oh yeah, I forgot. I am so annoyed with my children. This happened with both Jethro and now Hazel. They were totally potty-trained doing great for long time...several months, and then they just get on a kick where it's as if they have no clue about going to the potty. It's been a good two weeks now where Hazel is just peeing her pants about twenty times a day!! Grrrr. Any ideas of what to do? I've tried getting her to keep her pants dry all day to earn a treat, but pretty much unless I take her, she wets her pants. Ruff.

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Andrea said...

I love the photo of Ethne in the swing. WOW! I like your pic too. :) Great hair.

As far as the potty training goes, I have no experience there. I have the last week in March unbooked so Elise and I can try to figure it out. You're not giving me a lot of confidence here. :) JK. Actually I had a real problem with bed-wetting until I was 7 or so, my mom was always so patient. I think I'll go crazy if one of my kids is like I was. . . :)

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