Thursday, March 8, 2007

Meet Ethan

So, I don't have much to blog about today, it's sunny...yay!! So I will give you the next edition of meet my family. Today's feature is Ethan. The youngest (16), with all of the stereotypes that go along with being the youngest. :)

He the biggest social-animal of anyone I've met. He's always been that way, too...from the time he was little (about 3 or so) and would go around visiting the old-lady neighbors because he knew they would give him a treat. When he was in grade one everybody knew him in the whole school, including 6th-graders. He is what you would term "popular."

He's very time the ward Brett and I were in went to the Snake River by Jackson Hole to camp and raft the river, and Ethan came with us. The drive there was VERY entertaining. I don't think I've ever seen Brett be so crazy ever since. Ethan has that effect on people (when he wants to...of course much of the time he is a typical teenager). It was good times. Also, at Christmas time we were playing B.S. (the card game) and he was SOOO hilarious. He kept calling B.S. on people all the time, so he ended up with SOOO many cards in his a whole deck. And every time he had to take some, he would grab his chest and say "oh, my heart!!!" We laughed so hard at him that we were almost crying.

It was about that time when Ethan was getting stronger, so his favorite thing to do when we would go visit my parents for a weekend (ah, the days when we were close enough for weekend! sniff sniff) he would CONSTANTLY wrestle me and harass me and torture me. Luckily I had a husband who could whip his puny bottom, but whenever Brett wasn't around I was in trouble! He was in wrestling this year and did very well from all I hear.

Another funny thing is a video that I have of when our whole family was in Arizona for Kami's wedding, in *November*, and Ethan said he was going to jump into her pool (which is FREEZING). So, we all go out to watch him, but of course he's kindof chickening out and we're all harassing him (and he's in his underwear), and so finally he jumps in and screams like a girl, and gets out and jumps up and down from the cold, and then all the brother-in-laws push him back in. HA HA!

He'll make up funny expressions or slang and then they'll catch on and everybody in our family will be using them. They're pretty much completely random, like when his word was "fish." He called people Fish, used it as an expletive. Everything was fish. Very strange. "Dudie" was another one.

He has very great taste in music (meaning similar to mine). So that's cool because he made me a cd once and Brett and I listened to it all the time. His latest recommendation to me that I love is called "Face Down" by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Acoustic Version (MUST be the acoustic version). (Brett thinks I have a thing for songs about domestic violence, but I really don't.)

K, one last funny story and then I'm done. When he was pretty young (maybe 6 or 7) he was play wrestling with someone(s) and he played dead. So, we were all watching while Derek and Wyatt kept trying all this stuff to get him to wake up. First they were just stretching his body, trying to tie him in knots, rolling him over and tumbling him off the couch, but there was no response whatsoever. So then they started doing meaner things, like giving him a wedgie, and giving him wet willies, and still no response. It was AMAZING what he was going through with totally no reaction! They put ice down his back and I think he finally "woke up" when they threatened to put hot sauce on his tongue. It was a good show.

Sorry, I never mean these to get as long as they do, but one thing leads to another... you know.

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