Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lookie, lookie!!

Look what I made!!!! It's a cute felt flower barrette!!! This is so unlike me, but I actually made this all by one was doing it so I joined in, there was no pattern (not that it's complicated or anything) but anywya, such an uncommon thing for me. I blame it on the crafty people who's blogs I've been reading (yeah, that would be you, Kristi L.!). So, I found this website that makes cute little barrettes like this, but they were selling them for about $8.00! WHAT?! That is FELT...hello...felt is el cheapo!!! (But actually then I found some similar ones on ebay that were not quite as expensive.) So, I actually thought to wouldn't be that hard to I made one! And it was easy! And I actually had all the stuff to make it with already on hand. Woohoo. And yes, I actually put it in my daughter's hair at 10:00 at night while she was sleeping to model. ;) I'm sure you will see more pictures of it, as I made it blue to match a dress I bought for her.

In other news, our toilet is back in service!!! YAY! Thank you Kerry, for your sympathy. I appreciated it. I called my mom and told her about the toilet and she was sympathetic too, especially since when she came to visit me right after I had Hazel, we were without a toilet for a couple days too. (However, she is awesome and had no problem going in the bucket...she is buff from her strange time-warped childhood where they were about two generations behind times as far as modern conveniences go, and never had an indoor toilet until after she got married. Makes for some good stories, like when her sister deliberately left the (very big) seat up when she knew my mom was dying to go, so my mom almost fell in and scraped up her arms pretty good scrambling back up.) But, all's good for the moment. It just reminds me to be grateful every time I go on the toilet.

We've had some beautiful weather here that I LOVED, and the kids played out in the backyard a ton and took a bunch of wood from our pile, and made a curvy line with it through the middle of the yard. Weird, I know. I decided it is really fun to watch your kids through a window when they don't know you're watching. Then you can just see them being so carefree and natural. I mean, I know kids are pretty much naturally that way, but it's a bit different from when they know you're there. I can't explain it. But I enjoyed it. Jethro was spraying Hazel with a spray bottle, and she didn't scream to get attention, just danced away, and then they'd swing on the swings, or just wander around. So abandoned. Fun.

There was something else I was going to write about....hmmm. Can't remember, so I guess that's it for now. Have a night.

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Christy said...

That barette is so cute!

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