Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And the WINNER is........

Kerry Black! So, there you go. All fair and square too...I put everybody's name in a bowl and had Hazel draw one out. I really wanted ALL of you to win...wanted to see a picture of each of your daughters in a cute barrette, but anyway. So Kerry, God doesn't hate you. (But you gotta stop writing about bad days, it's going to make me lose my faith that once you get a real house and a real job your troubles are over!) :) You get your pick of the ones pictured, or I can make you a different one with any of the colors shown, and I also have dark and med. purple, red, yellow, dark green. Let me know. And you can get it on a barrette or a headband thingee like the picture of Ethne. Oh, and e-mail me your address again, I know I had it once, but I can't find it. The colors are a bit dark in this pic (I should have fixed that... oh well) and the pink and blue one on the top right are with brown, not black. They're my favorite ones, along with the pink and orange on the bottom right. It's too dark too.

So, for anybody interested...they're super easy to make. I just bought the felt and embroidery floss to match, made a little flower stencil, traced it onto the felt, cut it out, stitched around the outside, and glue-gunned a bendy hair-clip to the back.

Ethne was blowing raspberries the other night and totally getting all this frothy spit and bubbles! It was sooo cute! She also had major bed-head (well, as major as you can get with her amount of hair). I had to take a picture. Cute baby.

I went to Old Navy today and bought a green (bright, as in John Deere) hoodie. I really like it. Makes me feel happy. Also makes me think of my sis-in-law Lindsay Ann, who's favorite color is John Deere green. Maybe I'll take a picture of myself in it tomorrow if I have a good hair day. G'night!


Kerry said...

Hooray for me! Or Avery, I guess as she will be the lucky owner of the Kayli Bell original. She actually might have enough hair to clip it on. It might not last long, but it will be cute!

I have no clue which one to choose. let me think about it some more and I will email you.Thanks!

Christy said...

Darn it. I think I'll have to break out my supplies and get working!

Andrea said...

I love, love the barrettes. I need a lesson!

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