Saturday, March 24, 2007


So, here are the last couple tutu pictures, and some new ones from today. I swear, I don't spend ALL day every day taking pictures.
So, I wanted to get a picture of Hazel with all her little toys that she plays with all the time, and so I told her to lay down, look at the camera, smile, etc. Well, she wouldn't have it, so I tried bribing, telling her she'd get a treat if she'd smile, but she still wouldn't, so I said, "okay, you're done," and turned off the camera. Well, a little while later she came up to me and said "I file now." I had no idea what she was talking about, but I finally figured it out. She was saying, "I'll smile now." Hee hee. She decided she did want that treat.
Hmmm, not much else today. I did laundry and cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed. The kids colored pictures to send to their uncle who is having sad times. It's cause of a girl. I feel so sad for him. He's a catch...she would be CRAZY not to snatch him up.

Have you guys noticed that Hazel is getting too big? Not so much a toddler anymore, but a little girl. Good thing I have another baby girl! (I had to post this one of Ethne because that's what she was doing the whole time--trying to eat the tutu! I would snatch it out of her mouth, and try to hurry and take a picture before she had time to grab it again.)

And, some food for thought for today:
A sociology textbook I once read says that "Just as a mirror reflects a reverse image, one's perception of oneself is never direct. Rather, we see ourselves reflected back in the reactions of others. According to Cooley, our ideas of our self come from 1-our imagining how we appear to other people, 2- how we think they judge our appearance, and 3- how we feel about all this. In other words, our sense of self is more like a process than a fixed object; it is always developing as we interact with others, whose opinions of us are ever-shifting. But we select which cues to follow and judge the relative importance of role partners. Then Mead said that particularly important to the formation of self are those specific persons whose approval and affection are especially desired. Parents at first,then peers, role models, and lovers, can all become significant others, with special power to shape one's perceptions. Even children can become significant others, as only they can validate an adults identity as a 'good parent.'"
Agree? Disagree?


Arizona Hillbillies said...

Great story about the bribing! I have to do that all the time, and only about 2% of the time does it actually work with my three year old. That is soooo funny about your name. I first wanted to name her Belle, but my husband didn't like that as a first name and when we found Kayli, we both fell in love! Kayli Belle sounds like a little "Southern Belle" to me and so feminine. It's too funny that it is your last name. I LOVE it! Thanks for the comments too by the way! I LOVE meeting new people on 2peas! I LOVE your tutu pics!

Arizona Hillbillies said...

Sorry about the novel.....hee hee

Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive photography! They look professional! Did you sort of make them soft-like (at least Hazel's and the B&W one of Ethne) on purpose? Love them! Also, love the tutu idea. You'll have to show me how one of these days!-Kris

Kerry said...

I really am interested in your comments about how we view ourselves. That is fascinating to me. And I agree. At least in my own experience, it is right on. Cool.

Kami said...

If that is all correct, maybe that's why I'm having such a breakdown at my in-laws, people always tell me I'm kind (not to brag) but now I feel like I'm the one being mean and nasty, hence I'm having an identity crisis. Hee. Hee. It's kind of fun to analyze yourself.

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