Thursday, March 1, 2007


So, this morning I was actually awake when Brett was getting up and getting dressed because Ethne woke up to eat, but anyway, I saw Brett put on this pair of pants that we got from Goodwill a little while back. They aren't bad looking, just not really....good looking. I said, "Why are you wearing those?" because I thought he had bought them to be work pants. He said, "Because they're comfortable." So, okay.

Then I went out into the kitchen to say goodbye to him after I deposited Baby in her crib, and I said "Brett, that shirt doesn't go with those pants at all." So he said, "Well what should I wear with them?" and I told him, and then I said, "And have a tag hanging off of them." Ha ha!!!! He went and changed his shirt and took off the fortunate I happened to be awake to save him from going to school like that. How many of you have to help your husbands out like that? And I'm not saying I'm a fashionista, either. Far from it.

Mind you, Brett is not a bad dresser or anything, just a doesn't-care-a-fig dresser. Which is kindof funny considering everyone in my family thought I would marry someone on the 'preppy' side. Which just goes to show, as my dad would say.


Anonymous said...

Well, the other day Leo wore a black belt with brown shoes, and I tried to tell him you shouldn't do that, but he really didn't care either. He's kind of like Brett. Good thing I buy all his clothes now. I think I was hoodwinked too when I married him, I thought he dressed very nice, (maybe a little to baggy of clothes, kind of that hispanic baggy pant thing, but overall not bad) anyway, his aunt chose out most of his clothes back then. Not him at all. Sad.

jessica said...

about a month ago, Brian and I were out all day. He had just got some new pants from AE. It was just as we got home, that I noticed the sticker on the leg that says the size was still on the pants! ha. too funny. I have to tell BRian every now and then if something he has on doesn't match. overall, he does very well!

Devonee said...

So funny, one day Mark (who is usually a very concientious dresser) came home from work (A bank at the time) and his whole outfit didn't work. I think the funniest part was that he was mad at me for letting him leave the house like that, I'm not a morning person and am NEVER awake when he leaves for work.

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