Monday, March 19, 2007


So, Chicago was fun. We left on Friday night and drove to a hotel and then I went to the 8:00 session (which is 9:00 my time) and was proud of myself for being only SLIGHTLY terrified driving all by myself on the freeway. But it wasn't bad. (My sister Amy says it's like I'm from the stone age with how little freeway driving I've done...but it's not my fault. I got my license in North Dakota...nowhere to go, and if we did go anywhere my dad drove, then I went to USU and had no car until I met Brett and got married. Then wherever we went, Brett drove. He thinks it is unnatural when there is a man and a woman in a car and the woman drives.) I'm fairly sure it was the first time since we've been married that we didn't go together. Which would then mean that it was the first time I ever went on my own.

Then we stayed up even LATER watching stupid Stunt Junkies and Myth Busters. But, we have had no channels on our t.v. since we've been married, so we had to remind ourselves that we are SOOO glad. Commercials are retarded. Except for this one that we saw that we both thought was awesome because it soooo reminded us of Brett. There was this guy working on his car under the hood. And he gauged his hand a bit, and wiped the blood off and kept working. Then it said, "Oil and water don't mix, but blood and oil do. Valvoline." Completely pointless....but that's totally Brett. Every time he works on the car (and for those of you who may not know my husband this is at least one night a week if not more) he comes in and goes to wash his hands and says "Hmm....didn't know I was bleeding." I love Brett's hands. It's funny because when Kerry was talking on her blog about pet peeves I asked Brett what his pet peeves were, and he (holding Ethne at the moment) said when she scratches his arm with her fingernails. I totally had to laugh at him and mock him because this is the guy who, like I said, comes in bleeding all the time, not even concerned, and he just hates infant-fingernail scratches. hee hee.

ANYWAY...that was a LONG tangent. Back to the story. So the next morning, we dropped Brett off at the temple and I took the kids to a library with a GREAT kids place (we were going to go hang out at the beach at Lake Michigan but it was about 30 degrees...much too cold, even all bundled up). Then I got some new garments from the distribution center, and had to call my mom to ask her what size I am. It is embarrassing that I don't know my own size (the tag was too worn out to tell) but that my mom, who has nine children, was able to tell me. My mom better never die, cause I sure have to call her to ask her things a lot.

Then we drove past all the St. Patrick's Day parade crowds (I'm pretty sure I spotted Harrison Ford and then Tommy Lee Jones) and over the green river to the Shedd Aquarium. It was fun. Every time we drive to Chicago Brett swears up and down he will never go again. Hates the traffic and the not being able to get out of all the people and buildings. So I guess we will never live there. Fine with me. sister Kami darn well better move there or I will cry my eyes out!!! (Her husband is a pilot and just got his first job and will perhaps be stationed at the Chicago O'Hare airport. That would be SOOOO *AWESOME* you have no idea.)

Well, gotta go. That's about it. But I did get my house semi-clean today. Yahoo.


Christy said...

This is something I really miss about living in Lafayette---going to Chicago! I really love it there.

We have temple at Winter Quarters just an hour away so we can pretty much go whenever we want but it just isn't quite the same as making the trek to the big city.

The Shedd Aquarium is pretty sweet.

Kristi said...

I think I would be scared on Chicago highways. craziness, I am sure! fun stuff. I think I need a trip somewhere. oh wait, we're going to Stirling for Easter! whoohoo!

Kami said...

Kayli, you are so funny. When I got back to Phoenix, both Leo and I were celebrating because we have 12 lane highways again. YAHOO!!! They rock! Trust me, compared to pathetic Orlando highways, there's just no comparison to Phoenix. But I do I hope I end up in Chicago, although they just opened a new base in SLC which would be sweet too.

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