Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lengthy and somewhat Tedious ramblings

So, today was kindof a crazy day at church. First of all, things in Primary were pretty bizarre because they scheduled a teacher inservice meeting during the first hour (to try to catch some of the teachers who would never come to a meeting outside of church time, and incidentally, those teachers somehow didn't make it anyway....isn't that how those things go---you always end up preaching to the choir) and then they were having a special Relief Society meeting that they wanted ALL the women to attend, so we had substitutes and Young Women come in to fill in for different things. Plus, I didn't think I was doing Sharing Time because the RS president had asked her older daughters and they were going to but it didn't work out...except I didn't know this until yesterday, and so I was scrambling last night trying to get one put together. Then, it gets kindof sticky here, but we ended up not having someone to play the piano for the senior primary's singing time because of several miscommunications, so then I had Brett come in and lead the game that I had put together for sharing time for the younger kids and I played the piano, and then he was in charge of doing closing exercises too (we had asked him that before-hand) since he knows the groove of sharing time. But I stayed in to play the piano again and he was holding Ethne while doing this. It. Was. Crazy. Brett's funny. He does very well just doing things like that off the cuff. I'm sure he does it much more than he wants to, but then again, he did say he would support me in my calling, right? ;)

It did all go well, and it wasn't as if I was pulling my hair out or anything, truly I didn't feel like I was completely stressed out it was just so crazy.

So, anyway, we came home and made dinner because Brett invited a guy from his lab to come for Sunday dinner. His name is Seth and he's a totally nice guy, but we had a discussion afterwards that has made me think. First of all it makes me see Brett in a slightly different light...whereas generally I just see him come home and think he should be doing all these different things and having these EXPECTATIONS that are just assumed...or taken for granted, it kindof made me see how from the outside looking in, he has a whole lot on his plate, and a lot of responsibilities that many other graduate students don't have (and lots do, too...he's not the only one), but I should just appreciate how much he does for me and our family more. Sheesh, that was a run-on sentence.

I think Seth, who has no wife or children (although he has a girlfriend he lives with and two dogs) thinks we're a little crazy or exceptional, for doing what we are doing. He was telling us what he would like to do when he gets a real job and it included something that he enjoyed so much that he would work for the intrinsic value of working rather than getting money to live from or saving up to take vacations. Also he wanted to be able to travel...change tasks as well as travel geographically. He said it would be ideal if he could work somewhere for 4 months or so, solve the problem, change locations and be there for awhile adn so on. Of course, Brett and I were reading each others thoughts which was "What about family?" and Brett kindof asked him (probably more tactfully than I would have done, which is why I kept my mouth shut, sometimes I am not too tactful) if he had plans in the marriage and kids direction, and he said "someday." So this led me to think about how very many people in the world have their career as their number one priority. Or at least very very high. I think that I am different than many people in that way (LDS or not-LDS, male or female) in that I have never even had the slightest inclination to want to have a career or really do anything besides just be home with my family (disclaimer: this of course does not mean that I never have bad days where I would love to say "See ya!! I'll be home at 7:00 to put you to bed!"). So, I think I have a hard time seeing other people's point of view or even appreciating the sacrifice some people make to stay home with their children or choose a less ideal job if it's better for their family. Anyway, lots of thinking going on. I really just want to ask him why he and his girlfriend don't just get married because it pretty much baffles me, but I guess if they both are so committed to their career that they want to follow the path that is best for them in that respect, then it is easier to be not married. For example, his girlfriend is living in England right now to advance her career in vet science. It seems kindof lame to me, but I'm sure there are things that I don't know or understand too.

Whew. So, if that struck up any thoughts in any readers (or if you didn't fall asleep reading it) feel free to post your own ramblings on the subject(s).

Well, this has been a pretty long and somewhat boring blog so far. Sorry, here are some funny stories.

The other night Brett called me a nincompoop in jest, and Hazel sternly reprimanded him "Mommy's NOT a poo-poo!!" HA haha! Thanks, Hazel.

Jethro is so obsessed with being a racecar racer that instead of saying he's hungry or thirsty he says he needs to fill up his gas tank. He also says his name is "Batman Spiderman Racecar Racer Fastest Racer Jethro Sam Bell" (don't ask me where the Sam comes from). He *LOVES* running (while making race noises...which means a lot of spitting) and jumping over things onto the couch. He is very good at it. Hence the picture. Please don't anyone call CPS on me for letting my child jump over my was only a couple of times and I was right there (and she even liked it), but I debated posting it since even my husband frowned on my condoning such activities, but it is such a COOL picture.

Also, Seth asked Brett the other day what was the hardest part of adjusting to three kids and Brett said it was getting them all in the car. Isn't that the truth!! Although, it will get easier when summer arrives.

Well, I'll let you all get on with your lives. Auf wiedersehn. (I don't know if I spelled that right.) Tscuss! (or that.)


Ginger and Loren said...

Kayli, I have to tell you that things in Primary must have been just fine. Sam certainly thought it was fantastic and has been carrying around his birthday candy that he got from Primary all afternoon.

Also, it's very funny and a little peculiar that Jethro has such a long name lately, because apparently Sam does too. Now, I'm not sure if I'm quoting him correctly, but here it is: Samuel Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Buzzlightyer, Woody, Zurg, Sam, Samuel Lane Crook. But then after dinner all of a sudden he changed it to just Sammo. (I was Mommo, Loren was Daddo, and Leah was Leo)! These boys are getting sillier and sillier.


Harper Family said...

I LOVE that picture! I think we all have those moments where we could get reported to CPS...

I was watching old videos of Dave entertaining baby Liz. I asked Dave to stand in his high chair because that's the only way Liz could see him at the moment. What a bad Mom I was!

Andrea said...

First of all, Primary sounded crazy--you POOR thing. I would have been in tears or close to it, I'm sure. You are lucky Brett can roll with it!

I like the photo too! You just need to photoshop in a car or something so it looks like Jethro is jumping some huge object. :)

I agree on the whole career thing. Some people are so passionate about it and while I think it's important, the thing that really lasts is how you have affected and influenced your family. You can only raise your kids once--there are no second chances!

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