Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wolfie's Birthday

So my baby turned two.  I'm in denial, because if my brain really did process that... well, it would be ugly.

Also, apparently American stores don't sell sparklers at any time of the year?  Dumb America.

I was quite pleased with my wolf cake.

So many cousins and siblings to help unwrap.

Grandma gave him a bat and ball (which Orrin LOVES and always wants me to pitch for him.  I love it too).

Wolfie got a wolf.  And a wolf shirt, and wolf books, besides the wolf cake of course.

Nice face Talmage.  :)

 The best gift was his new bike!  Or his gygo, as he calls it, trying to be more cool and calling it a motorcycle.  :)

I'll definitely have to get a better picture of him riding it.  Although now he doesn't really ride it, just walks it.

Talmage's present for Wyatt was this picture:

And some pictures a few days later.  In his shirt.

And with one of his wolf books and his wolf pup.

I love my Wolfie!!!!

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