Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rainbow hair and makeup

I took my kids to Lindsay Ann's house and we had a good time.

(Cassidy and some of the other girls were the ones that did Natalie's "makeup."  But her hair was AWESOME.)

I loved Hazel's hair too!

And Hailey's was another favorite.  The colors were perfect for her hair.


That girl is amazing.

The color often ended up on faces.  And fingers.  And everywhere.  :)

The picture didn't capture it very well, but Ethne's whole face was just BLUE.  She looked like some kind of winter elf-thing.

Like this- 

1 comment:

kami said...

That is awesome! I think I'm going to try to convince Isabel to do that for her birthday party. Would that work? Or would it be too much of a pain?

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